Pyramid Analytics Lands 35 number 1 Placements and 41 Leading Positions in BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 24

November 17, 2023

Amsterdam, NV – October 31, 2023 – Pyramid Analytics, a leading global provider of next-generation business analytics, is pleased to announce 35 number-one placements and a further 41 leading positions in this year’s The BI & Analytics Survey 24, the latest BI & analytics survey report from leading analyst firm BARC. Pyramid received top-ranked positions in Embedded BI and Advanced & Predictive Analytics, as well as top-ranked in a number of important customer metrics including Business Value, Innovation, Functionality, User Experience, Ease of Use, Project Success, Vendor Support, and Customer Satisfaction, among others. 


“We are thrilled to once again be recognized as an industry leader in BARC’s annual BI & analytics report,” said Omri Kohl, Pyramid Analytics co-founder and CEO. “To us, what makes the BARC report significant is that it’s based wholly on reviews from actual BI & analytics users. It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm for our BI solution across so many use cases.” 

In its 24th year, The BI Survey 24 from BARC is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of over 1,500 business intelligence & analytics end users. BARC’s survey helps organizations assess analytics and business intelligence vendors’ performance across 30 criteria (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, user experience, innovation and competitiveness. The survey assesses 21 leading BI & analytics solutions. Here are just a few of Pyramid’s top-ranked positions from the report across several key KPIs: 

Embedded BI: Pyramid was top-ranked in Embedded BI. Integrating intelligence in operational applications is growing steadily in popularity. From dashboards and BI applications to prediction and optimization models, users can access complementary functions directly in their specific operational processes and act on the findings – closing the classic management loop from information to action. 

Advanced & Predictive Analytics: Pyramid also received high marks for Advanced and Predictive Analytics. This KPI is based on how many survey respondents use advanced and predictive analysis (such as data mining, machine learning) with their BI tool and how users rate those capabilities. 

Business Value: Pyramid led in Business Value in the large/enterprise-wide implementations peer group. The Business Value KPI shows how a successful BI and analytics software product can provide benefits in the real world. The KPI is an aggregation of the Business Benefits, Project Success and Project Length KPIs. 

Ease of Use: Pyramid was top-ranked in Ease of Use in the large/enterprise-wide implementations peer group. This KPI is based on two factors: (1) how often the product was chosen for its ease of use; and (2) how users rate the ease of use of their BI tool. Each of the above is given equal weighting in calculating a normalized KPI value. 

Innovation: Pyramid continued to score highest in Innovation. The Innovation KPI looks at four technologies – Cloud BI, Visual Analysis, Operational BI and Embedded BI – to measure a product’s level of innovation. 

Project Success: Pyramid achieved top-rankings in Project Success. This KPI is based on a combination of three measures: the level of general user satisfaction with implementations, as well as the frequency with which projects are completed on time and on budget. 


For a copy of the Pyramid Highlights Report, please click here. 


For more information about the survey, go to www.bi-survey.com or https://barc.com/de/reviews/business-intelligence-analytics/. 

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