Reimagining Enterprise Analytics

For too long we’ve been forced to choose between self-service and governance, between scale and performance, between convenience and power.

But here’s the thing. We don’t have the luxury to compromise anymore. Today, the only way to win is to make more intelligent decisions, faster. And any part of a data stack that doesn’t help just gets in the way.

That’s why we’ve spent a decade pinpointing everything getting in the way of better decision-making and building an end-to-end Decision Intelligence solution that elegantly solves them all.

Now leading enterprises from around the world—like Volkswagen, Dell, and Swiss Army—use Decision Intelligence to fuel their growth and develop winning strategies for the modern age.

When it comes to decisions, the choice is clear.

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Pyramid by the Numbers

Pyramid by the Numbers

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Trusted by Decision Makers

“For our non-technical users, Pyramid Analytics provides upfront simplicity with the ability to drill down into deep details if you choose. That’s fantastic because our executives need to trust that those details are there, whether or not they always need them.”

Chris Pierznik
Director of Financial Systems & Analytics, St. Joseph’s Health

“Data integrity and consistency is significantly better with Pyramid, and the speed of delivery of insights is much faster.”

Global BI Manager,

“Visibility is the number one benefit. Pyramid’s Decision Intelligence platform lets salespeople see up-to-date information in half an hour to an hour every day.”

Luke Dyer
Business Intelligence Developer, Videndum Production Solutions

“With Pyramid, the time it takes to get updated day-of-data into reports has decreased by 50-75%, allowing our clients to get their reports, and act on that data, much, much faster.”


Tamryn Le Riche
Head of Pyramid Commercial South Africa, DataOrbis

The #1 Choice for Analysts and Decision-Makers


Recognized by Leading Analyst Firms

It’s not just us tooting our own horn. The industry’s top analyst firms recognize Pyramid as a top platform and see the value it provides users.

Gartner Critical Capabilities 2023
Business intelligence software Pyramid Analytics features Gartner's logo for its #1 ranking in the analyst firm's Critical Capabilities 2023
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The BI & Analytics Survey 2024
Business intelligence software Pyramid Analytics features BARC logo for its top ranking in the analyst firm's BI & Analytics Survey 2024.
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Meet our Team

Omri Kohl

CEO & Co-Founder

Avi Perez

CTO & Co-Founder

Herbert Ochtman

EVP of Business Development & Co-Founder

Oz Tarazi


Brian McCormac


Itay Erez

VP of Marketing

Robert Longmire

Regional VP of Sales, NA West

Peter Walker

VP of Sales UK/EU

Russ Cosentino

Regional VP of Sales, NA East

Krista Jacobsen

VP of People

Hadas Tal

VP of HR

Meet the Board

Hans Sherman

Managing Director at H.I.G. Growth Partners

Yoav Tzruya

General Partner, JVP

Haim Sadger

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Natalie Refuah

General Partner at Viola Growth

Andre Boisvert

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451 Research calls Decision Intelligence “Evolutionary”
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Dresner Advisory Services Ranks Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform Number 1 Among 18 Vendors in New Analytical Platforms Report
Dresner Advisory Services ranks Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform Number 1 among 18 vendors in new analytics platforms report. Pyramid Leads in Self-Service BI, Data Science and ML, and Embedded BI; Competitive in Cloud Support.
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