Customer Success Stories

Additional case studies

    • Government
    Senior Statistician at Statistics Finland
    Statistics Finland

    Pyramid Improves Reporting Accuracy for Finland National Stats Bureau

    Statistics Finland is the national statistics office for the government of Finland, responsible for producing publicly available statistics on everything from the country’s economic status to public health and the environment. Pyramid helps Statistics Finland improve data accuracy, reporting, productivity, and more.

    The ability of Pyramid to mix and match sources from all the data we consume in a year has made our daily tasks faster and easier. It’s very intuitive.
    - Aaro Lappalainen
    Senior Statistician at Statistics Finland
    • Healthcare
    Pyramid insights empower Philadelphia Healthcare to take better care of clients
    Philadelphia Healthcare

    Pyramid insights empower Philadelphia Healthcare to take better care of clients

    Philadelphia Healthcare is a non-profit organisation in the Netherlands that supports over 9,000 clients with various disabilities across 500 locations. Pyramid helps Philadelphia improve the quality of client care at a time of skills shortages and rising healthcare costs with timely, impactful analytics capabilities. 

    I appreciate Pyramid’s partnership approach and the excellent customer support. I doubt I would have got the same level of direct contact with other vendors.
    - Jasper Drenth
    Manager of Data Delivery & Analytics
    • Healthcare
    Pyramid helps health plan provider put people first
    Community Care Plan

    Pyramid helps health plan provider put people first

    Community Care Plan (CCP) has built a community healthcare programme that uses data to give members a quality experience with a heart.


    The Pyramid team was excellent throughout and always willing to go the extra mile. We’re improving data quality and filling holes. Pyramid has become business critical for CCP.
    - Terry Garzon
    IT Director
    • Retail
    William Reed / Lumina Intelligence
    William Reed

    Pyramid's modelling and ease of use helps William Reed differentiate itself in a crowded food, drink, hospitality and retail sector.

    In a competitive area of market analysis in the food, drink, hospitality and retail sectors, Pyramid provides a commercial edge by democratising data and extracting insights from complex source.


    In the past, pulling out the data and putting it into PowerPoint was painful and not very efficient. Now it’s automated with dashboards in Pyramid and we’re saving a considerable amount of time.
    - Marie Hense
    Data & Product Strategy Director, Lumina Intelligence/William Reed
    • Healthcare
    St. Joseph
    St. Joseph's Health

    St. Joseph's drives executive healthcare decisions with a dynamic view of data.

    St. Joseph’s Health analytics leaders bring financial and clinical data to life for senior decision-makers, maximizing the value of their analytics investment.


    Now that our executives have been turned on to data, we’ve got their attention in a much more proactive, interactive way.
    - Chris Pierznik
    Director of Financial Systems & Analytics
    • Retail
    The Foschini Group

    TFG pursues platform analytics with Pyramid

    The South African retail group is transforming a complex business with faster access to disparate data sets and more accurate reporting.

    People don't need three days training like you need with other BI products. If you work in Excel, you can use Pyramid, that's the bottom line.

    - Jan Steenkamp
    Senior Department Manager, BI Projects
    • Commodities

    Pyramid Toolsets Fine-Tune CRU’s Data-Driven Business

    From its London headquarters, a leading commodity market analyst uses data across its global business to increase efficiencies and grow revenue.

    Pyramid allows all the data sitting in databases to be much more accessible. It gives us visibility very quickly and data in a usable form that is actionable. It has definitely helped with our revenue growth.

    - Will Blake
    Director of Technology and Analytics
    • Financial

    C2FO gains competitive advantages with Pyramid

    Pyramid Analytics provides C2FO’s internal data teams with the insights they need to both drive better decision-making and develop unique data products for customers. As a result, C2FO is building better B2B buyer-supplier relationships and distinguishing its platform in B2B markets.

    “I didn’t see anything else out on the market that has what Pyramid Analytics offers—nothing as progressive from a BI standpoint.”
    - Kevin Parker
    Director, Business Intelligence Systems & Insight Enablement
    • Retail

    Pyramid accelerates Blokker’s data-driven transformation

    Blokker is a leading Dutch retailer, selling household items and toys through 340 stores. In an increasingly competitive landscape, the company aspired to become a data-driven organization, to move beyond basic BI tools and have better visibility across the business to drive profitability.

    We have a lot better insights and everyone is talking about the same numbers, which helps focus mindsets on how we're doing as a business.
    - John de Keuning
    IT Director
    • Automotive
    Volkswagen Group Ireland Case Study
    Volkswagen Group Ireland

    Volkswagen Group Ireland turns on lights, strategically steers success

    Volkswagen Group Ireland needed to accelerate reporting and remove manual processes across a large dealer network. With Pyramid Analytics, they enabled business users with little or no training and increased efficiency to better focus on strategy.

    Pyramid Analytics captured the time spent on very arduous and mundane tasks, and has given it back to us.
    - Brendan Walsh
    Head of Warranty and Customer Services
    • Insurance
    vdek (Association of Substitute Health Insurance Companies)

    vdek ensures better forecasting with self-service

    At vdek, employees needed to interact with data on their own to relieve the burden on their data information management system. With Pyramid Analytics, vdek can provide self-service to users so they can better make cost-effective decisions.

    Pyramid gives us many more options in terms of customized data analytics and evaluation. Pyramid is very intuitive to use.
    - Markus Rings
    Consultant for Data and Information Management
    • Manufacturing
    Voith Case Study
    Voith FRS

    Voith FRS engineers for faster financial reporting

    The finance reporting team at Voith FRS manually extracted all accounts data, reconciled, consolidated, and then reported it. With Pyramid Analytics, they can automate those processes, gain confidence with their data, and better identify opportunities for training.

    So we have one version of the truth. That is kind of cliché. But it is really important especially with a small support team.
    - Joanna McGurk
    Global BI Manager
    • Retail
    Victorinox Swiss Army
    Victorinox Swiss Army

    Victorinox finds multi-purpose tool for data mining needs

    Victorinox Swiss Army needed to find a good fit for their business requirements and budget as well as an easy transition for their users. With Pyramid Analytics BI Office, they found added performance and capabilities with support for the evolving needs of their business.

    With the sun-setting of ProClarity by Microsoft, we needed to find a new tool to support our executive reporting, business analysis, and data mining needs.
    - Jim Anderson
    SVP Operations
    • Government
    Broward County Aviation

    Broward County gains visibility to guide better business decisions

    Broward County Aviation needed to combine a breadth of different data sources and accelerate its reporting. With Pyramid Analytics BI Office, they can increase revenue by making informed decisions that couldn’t be made before.

    Pyramid Analytics allows us to make much more informed decisions. And that’s what it’s all about.
    - Douglas Wolfe
    Chief Financial Officer
    • Education
    Blackboard Analytics

    Partnering for student success with Blackboard Analytics

    Blackboard Analytics provides colleges and universities with analytics for student management and learning as well as tools to monitor and manage finance, HR, and advancement. With the BI Office platform, institutions can optimize their performance while also improving learning outcomes for students.

    This is a true enterprise-ready BI suite; A real solution that works for both IT and business groups.
    - Jim Hermens
    General Manager
    • Healthcare
    Memorial Healthcare System
    Memorial Healthcare System

    MHS finds easy outcome for users, leverages current system

    Memorial Healthcare System needed to provide their management and business users with self-service BI capabilities while leveraging an existing Microsoft BI stack. With Pyramid Analytics BI Office, MHS found an easy transition—from a systems standpoint and for its users.

    MHS wanted a solution that married the benefits of self-service BI with the horsepower of enterprise BI and Pyramid Analytics provided.
    - 2nd Largest Public Healthcare System in the US
    • Manufacturing
    Siemens Congleton Case Study
    Siemens Congleton

    Siemens drives faster performance with advanced analytics

    The Siemens Congleton plant needed to accelerate decision making and increase consistency to keep up with their daily operations. With Pyramid Analytics, they created access for every business user while ensuring trust in their information.

    Decision makers are now able to analyze the precise areas that interest them, save views of that data and then share them with colleagues for comments and reactions, or to prompt further exploration and discovery of trends and exceptions.
    - Steve Waters
    Siemens Senior Business Intelligence Developer
    • Manufacturing
    Stibat business intelligence case study

    Stibat powers up with fast implementation and automation

    Stibat needed to reduce the manual processes and errors associated with combining several different data systems. With Pyramid Analytics BI Office, they realized swift implementation and increased automation – enabling better management decisions.

    Because of the dashboards from Pyramid Analytics, our people are much more on top of our data and processes, and can intervene quickly if something is not going well.
    - Anneloes van Huuksloot
    Monitoring & Data Management
    • Healthcare
    CEGI Case Study

    Combining for improved outcomes in the French health sector

    CEGI Group provides turnkey solutions for healthcare providers in France to optimize their patient journeys. With the BI Office platform, CEGI Group can help customers enable their users across departments, access analytics on mobile devices, and govern their data.

    Combining Pyramid Analytics solutions with CEGI Group industry expertise, we have unprecedented power to help healthcare professionals meet the challenges of the industry.
    - Julien Taïeb
    CEO of CEGI

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