Learn the top reasons ProClarity customers are migrating to Pyramid Analytics – part 3

March 21, 2017

Welcome to part 3 of my 3-part blog series, where I am sharing reasons #5 and #6 on why ProClarity customers are migrating to Pyramid Analytics BI Office. As you have likely heard, ProClarity support is coming to an end so there has never been a better time to make the move!

What is your data telling you?

Reason #5: Narrative Reporting

Tired of repeating the process? Organize and deliver the data you want your team to see – efficiently.

Imagine being able to schedule reports to run on a regular basis and have the output automatically delivered to your users’ inbox. In Pyramid Analytics BI Office, you can create report templates that contain a number of views as well as narrative text, schedule them to run daily, weekly, or monthly, and automatically send them out as an attachment in an email. Narrative reporting saves you time because you build the report once and it automatically updates with the latest data each time it runs. What will you do with all that time saved? Read a book? Learn a new language? Discover a cure for the common cold? With BI Office, the possibilities are endless.

Reason #6: Predictive Analytics

Tired of being reactive? It’s time to be proactive and transform your data into actionable intelligence.

Most business intelligence reports focus on what happened in the past. Why not look to your future? Pyramid Analytics has integrated the R Scripting language into BI Office – enabling users to create forecasts, run clustering algorithms, and perform data mining. The wizards are simple to use while providing sophisticated capability to your analysis. Predict the results for the end of your fiscal quarter or determine which attributes make your customers most likely to purchase your products. Don’t be surprised if your colleagues start calling you Merlin because of all the magic you unleash on your data.

Learn more about migrating to Pyramid Analtyics today! And, be sure to view last two week’s blogs “Time and Money” and “Data on the Move”.

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