Learn the top reasons ProClarity customers are migrating to Pyramid Analytics – part 2

March 14, 2017

Welcome to part 2 of my 3-part blog series, where I am sharing reasons #3 and #4 on why ProClarity customers are migrating to Pyramid Analytics BI Office. As you have likely heard, ProClarity support is coming to an end so there has never been a better time to make the move!

Data on the Move

Reason #3: Mobility

Tired of being tied to your desk? Or an operating system? Time to cut the cord!

In this age of smart phones and tablets, having a BI platform designed to leverage these technologies is becoming critical to organizations. BI Office has a mobile app available in the app stores for iOS, Android, and Windows. Migrating to BI Office will make your content instantly available on your mobile devices. With BI Office you can access your metrics from anywhere in the world – out on the golf course, attending your child’s soccer game, or jet setting across the globe.

Reason #4: Self-Service Data Models

Do you have time to get lost in your data? With BI Office’s self-service – you get in, get out and get on with your analytical life!

ProClarity was designed to work with SSAS cubes. In SSAS 2012, Microsoft introduced tabular models, which are in-memory data models. These models are easy to build and provide similar capability to cubes. In BI Office, these tabular models can be created by end-users in 6 easy steps, enabling true self-service for your BI solution. This means that you can add new data and data sources to your BI environment in minutes as opposed to days and weeks with cubes. It’s like going to the 10 Items or Less register at your supermarket and finding no one in line. Get in, get out, and get on with your analytical life.

Learn more about migrating to Pyramid Analtyics today! And, be sure to view last week’s blog “Time and Money”.

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