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🥇 We are ranked the highest for Augmented Analytics in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report! [Free Download.](https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/gartner-critical-capabilities/) 🥇

CDAO Digital Event Preview: Smart Analytics – How to Achieve Adoption in the Modernization Journey

February 18, 2021

Regarding contemporary business practice, data lies at the heart of every successful transformation. We strongly believe that digital transformations work best when businesses take a clear-eyed approach to data utilization, anchoring their initiatives with smart analytics.

In our previous digital event session, How to Galvanize Analytics Digital Transformation, we looked broadly at how successful businesses leverage analytics to deliver real value and drive successful transformations. In particular, we focused on four key actions that lie at the heart of effective, value-creating digital transformations.

Among those four factors, we emphasized the importance of going all-in with analytics integration and making it a “real” part of your business. We also discussed why it’s critical that businesses looking to pull off a digital transformation make data and analytics broadly accessible within their workforce, effectively democratizing AI-driven solutions.

To continue that conversation, we’re excited to be offering our next session, Smart Analytics — How to Achieve Adoption in the Modernization Journey, which will take place at CDAO UK on 24th February 2021. There’s a lot to look forward to in the new session, including fresh insights about how to get over the most common hurdles standing between you and effective analytics adoption.

What to Expect

The event is designed with cutting-edge data and analytics leaders in mind, so you can expect helpful advice for implementing analytics solutions. We will focus on aligning data strategy with digital transformation, as well as establishing a data-driven culture across your organisation that makes leveraging analytics to boost growth simple and intuitive.

It’s common knowledge that when we talk about digital transformations, we’re really talking about data transformations. But for many business leaders, what a successful data transformation looks like is still unclear, let alone how to go about creating one in practice.

Increasing the availability of data and the accessibility of data analysis tools has long been seen as one of the pillars of an effective data transformation. But, just focusing on those two variables can often lead to mixed results. Simply crunching more numbers and producing more analysis can lead to confusion and wasted time if an organizational system that emphasizes communication and cross-team collaboration isn’t in place.

One thing we will be discussing is how data use can be tailored to a company’s various analytics producers and consumers, ensuring that you reap all the benefits of an AI-driven approach. A fluid analytics system can be confusing, but a system powered by AI that pushes relevant content to the forefront and keeps you informed about what your colleagues are working on via contextualized conversations can encourage a collaborative approach to analytics. In other words, we will be thinking about how to put centralization back into self-service, without compromising any of the value it offers.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a few other topics and problems that we will be discussing in the session:

  • The importance of establishing sharing controls that give your team members the trusted data they need while also maintaining security and governance.
  • Why the “self” in self-service business solutions that promised the ability to harness a ton of computing power without writing any code wasn’t the revolution we all hoped it would be.
  • How we need to rethink the meaning of “smart” analytics solutions, emphasizing personalized user experiences over flashy graphics and displays.
  • Why resilience in change is the foundation of any transformation.

And most importantly, we will be thinking about how to achieve fluid and thorough adoption of smart analytics solutions, focusing on such key metrics as ease of use, convenience, and barriers to entry.

Since this event has taken place, you can view it on-demand here.

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