BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 21

Another banner year for Pyramid Analytics on BARC’s annual BI and analytics survey report

In its 19th year, The BI & Analytics Survey 21 from BARC is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of over 2,500 business intelligence end users. The BI & Analytics Survey 21 report helps organizations assess analytics and business intelligence vendors’ performance across 36 KPIs, with a detailed assessment of 33 leading BI solutions.

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The BI & Analytics Survey 21

BARC recognizes Pyramid Analytics as a leading technology vendor, with 92 number one placements and 90 leading positions. According to BARC, “Pyramid Analytics has created a product that meets today’s needs, is very stable and reliable and steadily delivers best-in class query performance. At the same, time it is very competitively priced, attracting customers with challenging requirements but limited budgets, which is increasingly commonplace in these times of economic hardship."

Survey Highlights

  • 100% of surveyed users say they would recommend Pyramid.

  • 100% of surveyed users rate Pyramid’s price-to-value as excellent or good.

  • Highest product satisfaction in the whole survey.

  • Number one rankings in all of its peer groups in the “Query performance” and “Performance satisfaction” KPIs constitute Pyramid Analytics’ most remarkable result in this year’s survey. Customers claim to have a typical query response time of 2.6 seconds, which is most impressive when working with a median of 536 GB of data.

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