Creating Value Through Decision Intelligence in SAP Landscape

SAP features one of the most powerful technology stacks on the planet. Why is it so difficult to perform analytics on SAP BW and SAP HANA, not to mention blend it with other enterprise sources? Hint: it’s probably the tools.

Learn about how organizations with significant SAP data investments can finally extract the insights they need to power their decisions.  SAPinsider Research Director Kumar Singh examines the emerging role of decision intelligence among organizations in this detailed report called Creating Value Through Decision Intelligence in SAP Landscape.

According to Kumar: “Decision intelligence is an evolution of business intelligence (BI) that fills many voids that exist in many legacy BI tools.”


In this research report, Kumar examines:

  • The definition of decision intelligence and why it is designed to address analytics across the enterprise.
  • Why Pyramid Analytics is a decision intelligence platform, and how it’s designed to scale to meet the needs of people with varying analytical skillsets.
  • The Role of Decision Intelligence in the SAP Landscape, how Pyramid addresses the “SAP-plus challenge” and how to deploy comprehensive analytics that allows organizations to extend analytic experiences to include other data sources such as Redshift, Snowflake, and more.