Pyramid + Datavard: Bring Your SAP Data Together

Organizations running on SAP have a significant data challenge. How can they bring all their SAP assets (BW, HANA, ESS, S/4HANA, ABAP, etc.) together into a single analytics environment to see and understand their business? And how can they do it without sacrificing self-service agility, governance, and security? With Pyramid Analytics and Datavard, organizations can finally consolidate and modernize their analytics and data infrastructure on a single platform.

Enabling business user access to SAP data

Pyramid Analytics is known for its ability to connect directly (without ingesting data) to SAP BW, HANA, and IQ data. Datavard’s legendary Glue® product allows organizations to curate and stage a wide range of raw SAP sources for use outside of SAP.

Now with the partnership between the two companies, Pyramid can connect to Datavard Glue via an API to integrate all your SAP sources to analyze it in a secure, centralized enterprise-grade analytics environment. This pairing unlocks the full power of your SAP investments with a single stroke, increasing speed to insight and enhancing the value contained within your existing SAP investments.

How it works

Glue is a developer-grade IT tool that can extract and transform data from the full complement of SAP sources. Pyramid connects to Glue via a REST API, so any authorized user can connect, model, and explore these curated data sources right alongside their BW and HANA data. What this means is that any user—be it a seasoned IT analyst or a curious business user—can use all their SAP data in a single analysis.

Machine learning

With Pyramid and Datavard, organizations can operationalize and support real-time machine learning on their raw SAP data, which significantly enhances its value. You can take SAP data from the source, process it with machine learning using R or Python, and deliver the insights directly to your operations and customer service teams. Enabling decisions based on advanced insights from complex data—that’s at the core of Pyramid’s approach to enterprise analytics.

Extend the value of SAP data

If you need to consolidate and modernize your analytics, your infrastructure, and your total cost of ownership; if you need to make self-service requirements without compromise (governance and security); if you have a hybrid strategy (on premises, cloud, multi-cloud); if you want to be able to support multiple databases; and if you need R and Python support—while offering your users a great experience on top of BW and HANA—then you will want to consider Pyramid and Datavard.

Migrating to one analytics platform for ALL your data with Pyramid and Datavard.