Pyramid Analytics is pleased to announce the forthcoming Limited Testing Program for our next major release, Pyramid 2023 Archimedes.

Get a sneak preview of some outstanding and innovative new features plus cool enhancements to existing functionality, including:

Tabulate – Perform business modeling with ad hoc and direct data sources

Solve – Build decision modeling to find the best solution for everyday optimization problems

Custom Columns – Create row-level calculations, virtually extending semantic models from within Discover

Publish Lite – Create bespoke reports with ease through our latest wizard-driven tools

HotBox – Show live reports and dashboards on your Pyramid home screen

Bookmarks – Save Slicer settings as bookmarks and instantly recall them

…And so much more!

We anticipate the program beginning during January but get your registration in now so that you are ready to go as soon as the release hits the streets. As soon as the program starts, registered companies will receive an email with further details of the release, a download link, and access to the Problem Reporting System set up expressly for this program.

We’ll further communicate through the Product Announcement Forum in the Customer Portal, our monthly Newsletter, and standard email distribution.

Best Regards,

Ian Macdonald
Product Management Team Lead

Pyramid 2023 Archimedes Limited Testing Program

Call for registration and participation