Platform-Agnostic Analytics.

A flexible analytics solution for your organization

Pyramid 2018 was designed from the ground up with a platform-agnostic and scalable architecture that can be deployed in any scenario (on-premises, in the cloud, or across a hybrid environment) and on any technology platform.

Pyramid 2018 allows organizations to finally maximize the value of their existing infrastructure and realize their enterprise analytic strategies.

Your technologies, your choice

Our OS-agnostic Java platform can be readily integrated into any environment, allowing you to build and implement an enterprise architecture that meets your business model and your data strategy. You choose what works best for you: on premise or private cloud. Run Pyramid 2018 across these and other platforms.

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Deploy anywhere

Pyramid 2018 is also built to scale and can be deployed in any environment: on premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid deployments. It features an open, flexible, multi-tiered product architecture that can be scaled out and up by tier. In addtion, the Analytics OS can run on any Java-based platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and features a scalable repository that uses optimized container images that can be deployed in any ANSI SQL-compliant setting.
Deploy Anywhere

Hybrid deployment: Access data across any environment

Design your data architecture according to your needs, not the requirements or limitations of a BI vendor. Using Pyramid 2018's Pulse Server, you can now query and model on remote data sets, regardless of location or domain—no VPN required. Don’t pull your data to the model; model the data where the data lives.

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