Pyramid Office Hours

Looking to level-up Pyramid skills?

As part of our complimentary Pyramid Office Hours Series, each Thursday at 8:00 am. Pacific Time, we’ll cover Pyramid fundamentals. 

These live digital sessions designed for both new and experienced Pyramid users. The purpose is to give everyone training on the tools they need to be successful. You’ll come away from each session with the skills to confidently tackle your own analytics projects. 

Each complimentary 60-minute sessions includes two parts:

1. Learn Pyramid - The instructor will focus on a new topic through a live demonstration, providing hints and tips for both new and experienced users.

2. Pyramid Q&A- An open forum session will let you ask questions related to specific features or solutions you are developing.

The sessions will be recorded. Q&A responses will be documented and made available on the Pyramid User Community. 

Upcoming topics and a link to the archives are available below.


Next Session

Master flows and incremental data updates - October 29

Learn how Pyramid Modeling can enable sophisticated ETL solutions.  In this session we will build a Robust ETL process with Incremental Load and error handling to ensure availability of timely and accurate data.

  • Ensuring Accurate and up to date data
  • Overview of Master Data Flows
  • Scheduling
  • Setting Variables in the model
  • Alerts
  • Conditional Execution
  • Incremental Load Demo

Upcoming Sessions

Content Management - November 5

In this session, we will provide an overview of the Content Management System and learn how to organize and manage content, including:

  • What is the Content Management System and how does it work
  • How to organise content across Personal, Workgroup and Public folders, and Tenants
  • How to manage content metadata and security
  • How to use the Change Data Source and Analyse Structure options

Advanced Publish - November 12
In-place Analytics - November 19
Data Visualization – Which visual should I use? - December 3
Model Mapping in Present and Publish - December 10