Pyramid Office Hours

Looking to level-up Pyramid skills?

As part of our complimentary Pyramid Office Hours Series, each Thursday at 8:00 am. Pacific Time, we’ll cover Pyramid fundamentals. 

These live digital sessions designed for both new and experienced Pyramid users. The purpose is to give everyone training on the tools they need to be successful. You’ll come away from each session with the skills to confidently tackle your own analytics projects. 

Each complimentary 60-minute sessions includes two parts:

1. Learn Pyramid - The instructor will focus on a new topic through a live demonstration, providing hints and tips for both new and experienced users.

2. Pyramid Q&A- An open forum session will let you ask questions related to specific features or solutions you are developing.

The sessions will be recorded. Q&A responses will be documented and made available on the Pyramid User Community. 

Upcoming topics and a link to the archives are available below.


Next Session

Thursday, April 15: Extensible Analytics: using actions and web panels
Learn how to enhance your dashboards and reports by linking them to other content, both Pyramid and 3rd-party.  This will enable you to create actionable insights.

  • Learn to launch other Pyramid reports and dashboards
  • Learn to launch 3rd-party content from Pyramid
  • Learn to embed 3rd-party content inside your dashboards


Upcoming Sessions

Thursday, April 22: Getting Started with Model

Thursday, April 29: Self-service Analytics as Viewer user

Thursday, May 6: Data driven distribution: using data to distribute publications

Thursday, May 13: Smart Tools: smart model, smart discovery, smart present, smart insights, chat bot

Thursday, May 20: Simplifying the user experience: deploying lite discover, present and model

Thursday, May 27: Custom Visuals: Introduction to creating a custom visual

Thursday, June 3: Getting Started with Formulate

Thursday, June 10: Content Management: managing and organising content

Thursday, June 17: Custom forecasts: using Python or R to driven different forecasting algorithms

Thursday, June 24: REST APIs: introduction in how to use the REST APIs to perform repetitive tasks

Thursday, July 1: Learn and Predict: using Python to train and generate an ML model, and predict results

Thursday, July 8: Getting Started with Publish

Thursday, July 15: In-place analytics

Thursday, July 22: Analytics Pipeline: use master flows to build a warehouse; incremental update; publication triggering

Thursday, July 29: Data catalogs

Thursday, August 5: Getting Started with Present

Thursday, August 12: Data driven security: using data to secure data

Thursday, August 19: Kubernetes: how to deploy Pyramid as a Kubernetes service on AWS