Real self-service BI that works directly on SAP

Thousands of organizations rely on SAP to support their everyday data needs. One of the key challenges for SAP customers is to find a complete set of tools that work directly on both SAP BW and SAP Hana with modern self-service analytic capabilities, while exposing all the enterprise, server-based functionality of both for security and governance.

As a complete, enterprise-grade analytics platform, Pyramid is a compelling option for organizations that urgently need to get more value out of their existing SAP BW and SAP Hana investments. Without any data extraction or duplication, Pyramid offers best-in-class functionality and performance that preserves the security and governance inherent in the SAP platform.

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Functional capabilities of Pyramid on SAP

For BW and Hana:

  • Direct query capabilities, obviating the need to duplicate and ingest SAP data into another BI tool’s native database environment
  • Sleek, self-service functionality with drag-and-drop capability for collaboration
  • Time intelligence
  • Context calculations
  • Full dashboarding with publishing, scheduling, and security capabilities
  • Support for multiple data connections, each with different parameterization

For BW specifically:

  • Support for ragged hierarchies, numerical formats, multiple currencies, and captions
  • Support for time-dependent hierarchies
  • Support for full logical, mathematical functions

For Hana specifically:

  • Data modeling capability that can write data models and mash-ups back into SAP Hana itself

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