Hybrid deployments with no VPN required.

Hybrid analytics with the Pyramid Pulse Server

Using Pyramid 2018’s Pulse Server you can design your data architecture according to your needs, not the requirements of your technology environment, nor the limitations of your data and analytics vendors. With Pulse, you can query and model on remote data sets, regardless of location or domain—no VPN required. Don’t pull your data to the model; model the data where the data lives.

Pulse makes hybrid analytics possible. It allows you to take advantage of any data environment configuration—whether it’s cloud, on-premises, or some combination of the two. It allows users the ability to query remote data sources—often on premises, located beyond firewalls with specific security settings—as if they were local data sources. But it can also work in any scenario where Pyramid 2018 and the database are running on two or more distant and disjointed networks.

Hybrid Cloud Implementation

Why do you need Pyramid Pulse?

The framework for enabling queries of remote databases from a centralized deployment of Pyramid 2018. Anyone wanting to connect to a remote data source needs Pulse. It’s like surfing to a page in your browser.

The Wrong Way The Right Way
Additional Networking Configuration Duplication of Data to a Centralized Hub Change Your Strategy Choose Pyramid 2018 and Use Pulse Server

Requires setting up additional networking rules and frameworks to enable the remote database to talk to a centralized platform.

Additional networking rules make your environment unnecessarily complex.

Requires copying the data to the centralized hub.

From a scalability perspective, this approach is untenable.

It is not workable in situations where the data store cannot move to the cloud.

Introduces data hydration and security issues.

This scorched-earth approach means you give up on your cloud (or on premises) strategy altogether.

Not a viable long-term strategy.

Installation requires no networking changes, firewall rules, or complex IT-related configurations. It simply works using standard web-browsing standards.

The communication framework uses SSL and can be managed from the centralized server.

The server and Pulse have almost no latency between them—responses are instantaneous.

Pulse is platform-agnostic and can be installed on Linux or Windows, and it can read most data technologies.

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