Generative BI

The Power of Gen AI Unleashed in Analytics

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What is Generative BI?

Fusing Gen AI and Analytics to deliver insights within 30 seconds

Generative BI revolutionizes the way people interact with data. By combining the power of Gen AI and analytics, Gen BI makes analytics accessible to anyone and impactful when it actually matters.

From creating dashboards to finding explanations for data anomalies, to forecasting, Generative BI does it for you. It figures out and performs all the necessary analytical steps to deliver any requested insight without user involvement. Users don’t need to think about analytics. There’s no learning curve.

Delivering Insights Within 30 Seconds

Data discovery by conversation

Gain quick insights into your data with complex multi construct requests in any language, then interrogate the results with follow-up requests on top of the current analysis.

Creating a dashboard on the fly

Watch how you can create a complex dashboard based on a long list of requirements with the power of just text or speech. By talking with the Pyramid platform’s chatbot you can also add in more criteria and change the data you see to build a dashboard that fits your specific needs.

Multi page report in 2 minutes

With Pyramid you’re able to create highly formatted reports in mere minutes. Begin this easy process by interacting with the chatbot. In this video you’ll see how easy it is to build a customized multi-page report with Pyramid, which would typically take a user hours to produce on their own.

A dialogue with an embedded dashboard

See how a dashboard is created by GenBI, then embedded (without writing code) for end users to explore data on your own app or website by simple conversation.

Powerful Decision Intelligence For All Users

For Business Users

  • Answers in under 30 seconds
  • Can describe their need in plain language, even by using vague or relative terms
  • Results that actually make sense for them
  • High adoption rate

For Data Teams

  • Increase value delivered to the business
  • Deliver sophisticated analytics use cases super-fast, with full governance and security
  • Reduce support requests
  • Works on your existing data infrastructure

For Product Managers

  • Keep up with the Gen AI revolution
  • Give your clients a ChatGPT like experience
  • Lead with innovation

Leveraging the full power of Generative AI, and doing it safely

Gen-AI that works directly off any data source

Pyramid’s Gen-AI solution connects directly to your current data sources like Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, Microsoft Fabric, and SAP. It works instantly, out of the box. Don’t move data. Don’t change data strategies. You can start using Gen-AI tomorrow.

Sophisticated handling of complex tasks

From data prep and analysis to publishing, you can compile unbelievably complex analysis and create multi-layered content using everyday language both in text and speech.

Gen-AI without sharing data

Pyramid never shares your actual data. Instead, the platform only passes the plain-language request and the context needed for the language model (“LLM”) to generate the recipe needed to answer your question.

The right LLM for the right job

Pyramid offers a ‘multi-LLM’ strategy, enabling customers to attach specific LLMs to the right data problem. This flexible approach allows the use of any LLM solution as the Gen-AI marketplace matures.