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Your customers are eager to make better decisions with their data. Your technology and expertise gives them the power to do so—confidently. However, infusing your applications with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities are often blocked by technical limitations and development costs.

You need a ready-to-go application development environment to embed data-driven analytics into your applications. But it can’t just produce basic charts and visualizations. And it can’t skimp on security. You need a comprehensive, user-centric platform that’s easy to use and lets you inject sophisticated analytics—without sacrificing governance and manageability.

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Pyramid Analytics is a complete, comprehensive analytics canvas for building and deploying data-driven, autonomous applications.

Superior analytics capabilities

Superior analytics capabilities

Pyramid is a comprehensive analytics platform that lets you do it all: from advanced data modeling to gorgeous data visualizations, presentations, and publications. No other data-driven application development environment lets you do this much.

Powerful security and governance

Powerful security and governance

Data security is vital. That’s why Pyramid takes governance seriously. Pyramid’s security REST APIs allow developers to easily create any type of security interface and authorization process between their host application and Pyramid. Plus, its flexible administrative capabilities let you easily set up multi-tenant environments to manage, scale, and secure your application.

Flexible technologies built to scale

Flexible technologies built to scale

Pyramid features a light framework for embedding reports and dashboards into web-based applications  (DIV tags or IFRAMES—your choice), which yields superior performance and deployment flexibility. More importantly, it’s a fraction of the cost of other applications and has broad, data-stack compatibility. Plus, it’s coupled with a fast, economical in-memory solution.

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