First-class embedded analytics for your platform

Scalable Embedded Analytics

Integrating first-class embedded analytics into your platform can present significant challenges, ranging from technical road blocks to simple economics. Pyramid’s Analytic OS eliminates these technical integration issues in any deployment scenario—on premises, cloud, or hybrid environments—by enabling you to embed analytics with only a few lines of HTML code. What’s more, it provides you with a first-class analytics solution at a highly competitive price.

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Superior embedded analytics tool

Pyramid is a formidable analytics platform that supports the entire decision workflow: from advanced data visualizations, presentations, publications and data modeling capabilities; to broad, data-stack compatibility coupled with a fast, economical in-memory solution.

Now it can be directly embedded in your platform.

These key elements make Pyramid a superior choice for OEM and embedded analytics (separately licensed features):

Universal, web-based client Pyramid’s client tools are entirely browser-based, offering a rich, desktop-like experience from any HTML5-compliant browser across any device, including tablets and phones. This makes the deployment of an embedded analytics solution simple, elegant, and highly scalable. Adding or removing the next user is a click away.
Modern, HTML5 embedding As a web-based solution, accessing the full client experience is simple. It features a light framework for embedding one or more reports and dashboards into other web pages using simple DIV tags. With this approach, the user gets faster, ultra-light interactive access to embedded analytics without the awkwardness of a heavy, slow client typically delivered through IFrames.[1]
Multitenancy The platform’s content management structure has been built to accommodate a multi-tenancy framework. This makes hosting multiple clients in the same instance simple, and obviates the need for complex work-arounds, custom administrative functionality, and tremendous IT overhead.
OEM Branding OEMs can white label the product and provide alternative destinations for their own custom help, video tutorials, and support sites.[2]
SDK and APIs RESTful APIs allow OEM’s to automate many administrative tasks and provide customized techniques for user security and authentication—making the platform ideal for unusual deployments and bigger solution architectures.

[1] Many alternative platforms need to instantiate their entire client in each individual IFrame. This makes it unworkable in most situations beyond singular, simple embeds. Using DIV tags, Pyramid instantiates its entire 2 MB client footprint once through a single line of code for as many embeds as required on a page.

[2] White labeling does not extend to online help, guides, or other learning materials provided by Pyramid. Apps hosted on mobile platforms also cannot be fully white labelled.

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