Integrated Data Preparation

Pyramid’s advanced data preparation is seamlessly integrated within the platform. These capabilities work with your existing data stack to capture data where it lives and insert it into essential workflow processes. With Pyramid’s data preparation, you can blend disparate data and generate a single view to analyze and discover business insights. In addition, we provide data lineage to ensure that you know where the data is coming from and if any changes have been made. And unlike rival solutions, Pyramid never requires extracting data to provide complete analytic insights and high performance.
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Powerful Data Preparation for Advanced Analytics.

Pyramid makes going from data to decisions easy with our end-to-end frictionless platform. Our self-service data preparation module decreases the manual work of wrangling enterprise data and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO). Our platform reduces the risk introduced when data is replicated and saved to desktops, in-memory databases, and spreadsheets. We simplify data preparation for any analytics need, from basic descriptive results to actionable, AI-assisted prescriptive answers.



No-Code Data Preparation

Data Prep Made Easy

An integral part of our end-to-end solution, Pyramid’s built-in, no-code data preparation makes it easy for anyone in your organization to clean and prep data for analysis. We built straightforward yet sophisticated machine learning algorithms that anyone can use for analysis, regardless of their technical capabilities. The data preparation environment includes several algorithms exposed alongside typical blend, join, and column operations. Data prep is taken to the next level as Pyramid drives various heuristic engines in the application to guess the best model designs. Your data is protected with a powerful, secure, centrally governed universal web client uniformly used across the platform. No “thick” client is ever needed.

Data Prep Connections Integrations

Data from Anywhere

The Pyramid Platform enables you to utilize popular data sources like Redshift, Snowflake, Microsoft, Databricks, Oracle, SAP, and many more to power your decisions. We connect to all your data, whether your data source is relational or non-relational, structured or unstructured, and regardless of whether your deployment is cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid. Once your data is connected, our powerful PYRANA engine lets you easily cleanse, enhance, blend, and mash-up data from multiple sources.

Virtual Semantic Models for Data Prep

Universal Semantic Layer

Our Semantic Data Model leads a user through the steps needed to describe the database structure that will be queried. Virtual semantic models act as a light layer against any data source without ingesting or duplicating the data into Pyramid’s internal engines. Our virtual semantic models allow you to add and edit complex functions like joins, hierarchies, additive and semi-additive measures.

Self-Service Data Preparation Done Right

Reduce Manual Workflow

Reduce hours wasted on manual data preparation by cleansing, enriching, and standardizing non-curated external data sources through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Deploy Faster

Get content up and running faster than ever. With security and workflow models automatically applied across the board, reusing objects is effortless for end-users.

Promote Adoption

With data readily available to the entire organization, your business users are empowered to make more impactful, informed, data-driven decisions.

Intelligent decisions start here.

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