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Why (and How) We’re Committed to Customer Success

July 12, 2021

The past few years have been tumultuous. 2019 saw massive consolidation in the marketplace for Analytics & BI (ABI) software. Salesforce acquired Tableau; Google acquired Looker. Major changes in the market were in motion.

We weren’t shocked by these moves. ABI was—and still is—big business. However, these acquisitions inserted uncertainty into organizations’ strategic analytics and data initiatives, leaving many to wonder: where have all the customer-centric analytics vendors gone?

2020 was even more tumultuous. COVID-19 forced companies to reinvent themselves in myriad ways, including how they invested in and executed analytics capabilities. Office-centric and desktop ABI solutions simply did not work when business users had to work remotely. The work anywhere, data anywhere, and analytics anywhere requirement became the new ‘normal’ way of working.

Across industries and geographies, companies were “adopting and scaling AI and analytics much more rapidly than they previously thought possible” in direct response to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, according to a November 2020 McKinsey analysis.

Now we’re deep into 2021, and uncertainty persists. We’re collectively facing a future where remote work is normalized and the next global disruption sits just beyond the horizon.

Analytics decision-makers need long-term solutions, not only to support new, insights-driven roles in their organizations, but also to prepare the business for future disruptions.

However, things were (and are) far from uncertain with Pyramid. In fact, we’ve been startlingly consistent: our customers come first. Always.

We know that our customers have an abundance of choices in a crowded ABI marketplace. That’s why we try harder, go further, and do more to make sure they’re equipped for success along each of their individual digital transformation journeys.

How do we do it? Let’s take a look at how Pyramid Analytics puts customers first.

Success is an ongoing process

At Pyramid, our vision is simple: “We enable your community to achieve and inspire insights from your data while helping you get the greatest value possible from your investment.”

From there, our approach rests on four key pillars: enablement, adoption, value, and growth which carry the relationship through the entire customer lifecycle (onboarding, education & training, supporting success, and the ongoing relationship).


The decision to adopt a new analytics platform is never easy. Confronting change can be scary and adapting to change can be trickier still. From the moment we sign a new customer, we recognize this and have developed a formalized, data-driven onboarding process that begins with a comprehensive Customer Success Assessment, which measures progress with KPIs under four key areas: governance, platform deployment, user proficiency, and user community. From there, our customer success managers work with new accounts on individualized Success Plans, which guide users through a progressive onboarding process with a clear path to long-term success.

Education & Training

Analytics can appear to be complicated for some business users. Fortunately, Pyramid was designed to cater to our customers’ individualized needs, not the other way around. Our software accommodates any type of user, data environment, or analytics workflow. It helps develop a flourishing data culture where the collective behaviours and beliefs of people who value, practice, and encourage the use of data-driven decision-making.

That doesn’t mean training isn’t necessary. Even the most experienced analytical professionals need time to learn and adjust to new controls. Our education and training approach recognizes people have personal preferences on how they learn so we provide a range of training options from online resources to instructor-led training classes.

“People don’t need three days of training as you need with other BI products. If you work in Excel, you can use Pyramid, that’s the bottom line.” J. STEENKAMP, TFG

We are constantly learning and adapting our education and training approach based on customer feedback and understanding how they leverage Pyramid to deliver insights. We are getting set to launch a new eLearning environment in Fall 2021 to further aid user adoption.

Ongoing relationship

Relationships are a two-way street and fundamentally depend on continuous communication. We reach out to customers at least monthly to conduct regular business review meetings to make sure each customer has the support and resources they need. Our door (or the line) is always open.

Outside of regular interactions with customer success managers, we feature a robust User Community that includes technical blogs and guides that our users can consult to learn vital skills. In addition, we feature regular free-to-attend Product Office Hours where Pyramid experts share tips, tricks, and best practices.

This continual three-part process is designed with the recognition that each customer’s success is an individual journey. To quote Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success.”

We wholly believe that each customer is the hero in their own story and that our role is to be their trusted partner to help them find enduring success with their analytics initiatives. We do this so our customers feel connected with the product and the community.

A voice in our product development process

In 2017, we launched the next-generation version of our Pyramid platform. At the time our leadership team made a firm commitment to building an analytics and BI solution that would stand the test of time and deliver value, even as the world or the technology environment changed. Since then, we’ve gone through several major releases and are relentlessly focused on continuous product improvement.

Along the way, customer feedback was—and is—a core part of our product development roadmap. In each major release, a large portion of the new features and capabilities are driven by customer feedback. In fact, in our latest release, more than 40 percent of new features were a result of direct customer feedback.

With each major release, we offer customer spots in our Beta program to ensure new versions are put through their proper paces before being released to the wider community.

And on our Community Forum, Customers can directly register product ideas and enhancements, vote for new features, and view progress on new developments. You have a voice in the user community, and we listen.

Above and beyond

Our commitment to our customers runs deep. Through all it, we focus on developing long-term value and emphasize a “relationship” approach to how we do business. The proof is in the pudding: a 98% satisfaction rating from our customers.

From how our product is developed to how it’s deployed and used in everyday business, we put our customers at the very center of everything we do. We understand that our customers trust our platform to deliver the analytics to make better-informed decisions and we constantly strive to make the process simple and straightforward. The user experience needs to be consistent regardless of where data is located and structured. This simplifies the user experience, reduces the time to deliver analytics, and enables business users to focus on decision making. Our customers trust us to deliver a solution that is markedly “different” from other market offerings.

We’re serious about constant improvement and are vested in your success.

Thank you to our current customers—you mean the world to us. And to those who we haven’t met yet, give us a shout. We’d be happy to help you achieve your data-driven goals.

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