The BARC BI Survey 16: another outstanding performance by Pyramid Analytics

October 18, 2016
December 07, 2022

Pyramid Analytics is thrilled with its continued impressive performance on THE BI Survey—the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users. THE BI Survey 16, which analyzed 37 products, marks another consecutive year of excellent ratings across numerous key performance indicators examined in the survey. In the majority of categories, 21 of the 32 KPIs to be exact, BI Office either placed in the number one spot (top-ranked) or in a leadership position in at least one of its peer groups. This performance was achieved against competitors such as Tableau, Power BI, Sisense, and Qlik.

BI Office earned the #1 spot in the following categories:

  • Customer Experience
  • Price-to-Value Perception
  • Self-Service
  • Data Discovery / Visualization
  • Chosen as Standard
  • Performance
  • Query Performance
  • Location Intelligence

Let’s discuss our take on three of these top performances.

#1 in Customer Experience across all its peer groups

BI Office has earned outstanding results for customer experience due to a variety of characteristics that make the platform easy to use, versatile, and perform exceptionally well. It allows business users to bring together data from multiple sources into a single workspace, where advanced analytics are accessible to everyone through the use of simple wizards. Even no-code R integration is available at the touch of a button for forecasting, clustering, and predictive modeling. Interactive dashboards can be created in minutes, and contextually-rich reports can be created with drag-and-drop ease. BI Office is a comprehensive analytics platform for users of all aptitudes.

KPI Scores
Figure 1: Pyramid’s KPI Score in Customer Experience

# 1 in Price-to-Value Perception in the EMEA-focused vendors and OLAP analysis-focused products peer groups

As a comprehensive analytics platform, combining self-service analytics with centralized governance, BI Office demonstrates exceptional value. Across all functional areas and analytic workflows, BI Office enables individuals—from power users to knowledge workers to decision makers—to transform their organization into a data-driven one. This value is further underscored by the fact that Pyramid offers such complete functionality across Dev and Test environments without requiring additional fees—hidden charges often experienced with competing products.

KPI Scores Price to Value Perception
Figure 2: Pyramid’s KPI Score in Price-to-Value Perception

#1 in Self-Service in the EMEA-focused vendors, OLAP analysis-focused products, and self-service reporting-focused products peer group

While every organization needs scalable, governed systems, business users demand more self-service analytics capabilities than ever before. BI Office enables agility without sacrificing security or control. Self-service is enabled without data ever being brought to the desktop. Users can connect to the most popular data sources to create models and save them alongside IT-curated ones. They can conduct complex analyses with analytic wizards, generate rich visualizations, and gather content from disparate data sources into a single interactive dashboard. End users can also create contextually-rich publications and schedule them to run and distribute on their timeline.

KPI Scores Self-Service
Figure 3: Pyramid’s KPI Score in Self-Service

BI Office: A Platform That Encourages Use

In addition to discussing performance in various categories, the BI Survey 16 also looked at topical findings, such as the most influential factors in the selection and use of BI solutions. According to the Survey, a product’s functionality and ease of use for report recipients are the most important selection criteria, while usage problems are most often due to a lack of interest from business users, poor data governance/quality, and slow query performance.

As a complete analytics platform, BI Office offers impressive functionality and ease of use—including six-step data modeling, no-code advanced analytics, interactive dashboarding, meaningful collaboration, and the drag-and-drop creation of contextually-rich data-driven narrative reporting.

BI Office repeatedly achieves excellent usage rates. Business users welcome the platform’s familiar interface and ease of use. Within the first day of implementation, business users can model data and build interactive dashboards. Since extensive training is not needed and comprehensive functionality is accessed in one central location, business user engagement is a strength of the platform.

BI Office offers users agility without compromising governance and security. This approach allows IT to enable end-user satisfaction while preventing issues caused by cowboy analytics. It also allows end users to put their subject-matter expertise to best use, unencumbered by IT wait times or processes.

Additionally, BI Office offers outstanding query performance. Heavy data processing and mathematical operations are handled by a robust data engine, ensuring that users experience exceptional responsiveness.

The Future of Advanced Analytics

Lastly, according to this year’s BARC The BI Survey, there is a marked increase in demand for advanced analysis over the next 12 months and beyond. This puts Pyramid in an excellent position as the Survey results show BI Office as the number one product targeted for advanced analysis projects within the next 12 months. With a variety of no-code wizards and simple-click interactions, BI Office takes care of complicated scripts and equations for you—including R-enabled forecasting, clustering, and predictive modeling at the touch of a button. Complex analysis is no longer intimidating or relegated to those with advanced technical degrees.

See for Yourself

Pyramid Analytics invites you to learn more about BI Office, and why it has earned such impressive marks from respondents to The BI Survey 16. Across numerous categories, the BI Office platform simply outperforms its competitors. Get to know BI Office by checking out the related resources below or contacting us directly.

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