“Smarter” BI: AI-driven analytics with Pyramid

Why do BI applications often fail to take root and flourish? Many analytics vendors recognize the crucial goal of democratizing access to analytics. Yet to bridge the gap, they bolt-on augmented features, or shortcut the fundamentals with dramatically oversimplified capabilities, like an entire platform featuring a single “search bar.” On their own, these technologies are insufficient for enterprise situations that depend on cross-team collaboration and decision-making.

The fundamental problem is the analytical tools are not matched appropriately to users’ needs. The key is to implement BI with the success of each individual employee in mind: it should make analytics easier for everyone, without sacrificing any of the sophistication. What’s more, the technology must possess fundamental enterprise capabilities that strengthen the trust each user has with the underlying data and analytics.

Smart Analytics, built into the core of Pyramid


This is how Pyramid does “smart”

Augmented. Smart. AI-driven. Call it what you want, we’ve got it in Pyramid Analytics. In fact, it’s everywhere. We’ve threaded smart capabilities throughout the application to augment your experience.

Importantly, we’ve incorporated these capabilities in a way that blends them into the analytics workflow, rather than override or interrupt traditional process. While other platforms bolt on AI capabilities, we’ve imbued it into the very fabric of our offering, hardening trust in the process.



The benefits of Pyramid’s approach

Analytics for Everyone

Makes analytics
more accessible

Our smart capabilities bring sophisticated capabilities to everyday users, and progressively build analytic skill

Maximize existing investments

Increases the value of your
analytics investments 

Pyramid’s smart features are built to support any data source, not just a proprietary few, and is not constrained to Pyramid’s data engine

Faster and better

Makes analytics faster—
and insights better

Smart analytics can dramatically increase the speed of analytics efforts, and significantly reduce the likelihood of human error

Discover, Present

NLQ & Chatbot

Pyramid’s Natural Language Query (NLQ) Chat Bot is a game-changer. Available in both the Discover and Present app, the Chat Bot gives business users an intuitive, flexible chat interface to interact with and refine existing content in real-time, or author brand new content. The Chat Bot lets users interact with data using standard language, facilitating—and encouraging—spontaneous data exploration so users can explore their data quickly and fluidly. Most importantly, the Chat Bot works on any data source directly.

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NLQ & Chatbot (Discover, Present)

Smart Insights (Discover, Present, Publish)
Discover, Present, Publish

Smart Insights

Smart Insights is the next iteration of automated text-based analysis. It delivers impactful narrative-style analysis driven from a powerful AI engine. Smart Insights takes data and visualizations and automatically generates descriptive text with commentary in plain language that anyone can understand.

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Smart Model

The Smart Modeling tool enables users to import a file for use as a data source. There’s no need to configure the ETL, as Pyramid uses AI to automatically build the data models on users’ behalf, automatically determining the relationships in the model. This is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly build a data model based on a single file, with no need for complex data transformation or data cleansing.

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Smart Model (Model)

Smart Discover (Discover)

Smart Discover

Smart Discover is an AI-driven tool for helping non-technical users build analytical content using augmentation engines and heuristics. Smart Discover is ideal for users who want to build discoveries and glean insights quickly, but who don't have a need for the more advanced functionality afforded by Discover Lite and Discover Pro.

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Present, Publish

Smart Present & Smart Publish

Smart Present and Smart Publish lets everyday users create analytic presentations and publications with an intuitive interface. Pyramid creates AI-driven data discoveries and instantly renders them in presentations and reports. It’s perfect for quickly assembling analytic content to share with a colleague.

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Smart Present & Smart Publish (Present)

Data Structure Analyzer (Model)

Data Structure Analyzer

Data structures are often too complex for users to diagnose gaps and errors in frequently used models. For example, data model structures can change because of upgrades to an existing model, or if the content has been re-pointed to a new data model that differs from the original. The Structure Analyzer (originally called the "Missing Data Wizard") is an AI-driven content tool and wizard designed to help users find and correct broken analytic content due to changes in the underlying data source structures.

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Auto Discover

Auto Discover is an augmented analytics discovery tool for auto-analyzing your data and producing machine-built analyses and visualizations. The tool can be used to find interesting correlations and patterns automatically in your data and show views of data that you may not discover on your own. Auto Discovery uses a variety of machine learning tools and algorithms like partitioning, forecasting, clustering, correlations, and trends.

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Auto Discover (Discover)

Auto Recommendations (Admin)

Auto Recommendations

Pyramid features an AI-driven auto recommendation engine that serves up content based on what users have viewed and consumed in the past. It uses a “Matrix Factorization” algorithm to learn content usage patterns from all users in the system. Then the system recommends content that is most useful to a given user based on all other users in the system who have similar content “tastes” and usage profiles.

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