Pyramid v2020

See your analytic data with perfect vision

Introducing Pyramid v2020

With the latest release of Pyramid, bring your enterprise analytics and data strategy into focus. Not only does Pyramid v2020 bring everyone under the big analytics tent, we've introduced even more data connectivity and raw analytic horsepower than ever. In short: our vendor-agnostic platform is now unapologetically full-featured. No other competing BI solution packs as much analytic punch—without overwhelming users—as Pyramid..


One analytics solution for everyone

Can enterprise analytics really be for everyone? Why not! Analytics is best when more people are comfortable with the controls. That's why we introduced two new Discovery modes—Smart Discover and Discover Lite—to complement the renamed Discover Pro mode. In addition, we gave administrators an unsurpassed ability to customize the user environment.

Analytics for Everyone

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Unleash the power of your SAP investments

Introducing new native integration options for SAP BW. Now, one of the most widely used databases on the planet is a first-class data source in Pyramid. And this isn't just a token integration—it's the real deal. Directly interrogate SAP BW cubes, ADSOs, CompositeProviders, and queries. Explore your SAP BW legacy and SAP BW 4/HANA data without compromise.


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Model like a machine

Our graphically based modeling tool was already comparable to some of the most powerful standalone ETL products on the market. Now, it’s even better. Did we mention it comes standard? Define master flows with conditional steps. Loop routines and messaging. Set triggers within Pyramid to launch outside apps and internal schedules. Create multiple models from a single data flow. In our end-to-end platform, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Next-Generation ETL 2.0

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Custom augmented analytics environments—at scale

The new Augmented Analytics Server provides high-scale, real-world support for Python-based machine learning projects. Establish "learn-predict" scripts. Set up custom scripting environments. Control what ML packages and libraries are available for users. Our new Augmented Analytics Server gives you the control over your environment to make the scripts run the way you want them to.

Augmented Analytics Server

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Additional Resources

In total, Pyramid v2020 packs in over 150 new enterprise-grade features and capabilities to improve the way you make data-driven decisions.

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