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analytics strategy

Bring your analytics strategy into focus

Stop talking about your data strategy and start achieving measurable results. BI vendors across the spectrum insist their solution will provide you with the tools you need to finally start to see return on your analytic strategies. But only if you rip and replace existing infrastructure, sacrifice core aspects of your current workflows, or embark on yet another multi-year implementation that requires expensive services.

With Pyramid, leaders can finally bring their data strategies into focus. Pyramid adapts to your needs, not the other way around. We work with your existing resources instead of forcing you to make additional investments. This allows you to maximize the value of your existing infrastructure, and finally start to see the return on your Big Data investments.

Efficiently channel Big Data sources

Efficiently channel Big Data sources

Technology executives must find ways to not only streamline existing data processes, but channel Big Data and IoT streams using flexible, open processes, and machine learning technologies to produce meaningful, reproducible insights. The long-term success of the organization depends on their ability to quickly make sense of this new data and make it broadly available.

Pyramid gives users the flexibility to build and materialize models back into our in-memory engine, Microsoft’s Analysis Services, any ANSI SQL-compliant database technology, and various Big Data engines like Apache Presto and Apache Parquet. With this approach, users can build analytics models “in place” rather than extract them to proprietary intermediary engines that are slow and unwieldy.

Consolidate fragmented analytics resources

CDOs must provide users with shared enterprise analytic tools to conduct advanced analytics without losing vital governance, oversight, and security. Too often, different participants in the analytics workflow develop affinities for products or processes that cater to their specific needs. While valuable in isolation, it ultimately paints a fragmented picture of the organization.

Pyramid allows technology leaders to simplify data and analytics processes. It provides specific toolsets and functionality that are valuable to any participant in the decision lifecycle. This increases value at not only the department level, but across the enterprise. While user adoption increases, IT and analytics leaders maintain vital visibility into data consumption. That way, analytics can finally start to deliver actionable recommendations for all business needs across the enterprise.

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Create a consistent experience for everyone

As data volumes increase and pressing questions require ever-quicker answers, CDOs must equip users across the organization with enterprise analytics tools that make it easy to access and understand data. They need a universal analytics environment where anyone can explore traditional and Big Data—no matter their role, location, or device.

Pyramid brings the entire analytics workflow onto a universal platform that any authorized user can access on any device or browser. It creates a common analytics environment where everyone involved with the decision lifecycle—IT, analysts, data scientists, everyday users—can interact with shared, consistent data.

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