Managing infrastructure and technology costs

Maximize infrastructure value

CAPX costs have never been higher, yet organizations must continue to reinvest resources to keep up with ever-evolving business and technology demands. Many CIOs and CTOs are under incredible pressure to assist in the roll out of organization-wide data strategies that require innovative approaches to data processing and software administration. How can these individuals keep costs as low as possible, without sacrificing agility and performance? The key is to use software technology designed with efficiency—and scalability—in mind.

Maximize the value of your operational and infrastructure investments with Pyramid. Featuring a scalable, container-based product architecture, Pyramid allows organizations to integrate substantial amounts of data—including IoT and Big Data—from numerous sources. And because it features robust administrative controls and runs in any HTML5-compliant browser, it’s easy to manage the implementation, monitor security, and provision new users.


Scale data access using containers

New data sources don’t behave like traditional data sources. They are unstructured, unpredictable, and require sophisticated techniques to condition them for analysis. This often requires standalone tools in the hands of data experts whose only job is to normalize data. That is why it’s critical that technology leaders use adaptable (open source) technologies that make data discoverable and useful, but don’t require arcane data prep skills or separate—and expensive—ETL tools.

Pyramid is built to scale. It features an open, flexible, container-based product architecture that can be deployed in any environment and can incorporate numerous data sources. This means your organization is no longer limited to studying “known” sources. Using an graphical ETL tool that’s built right into the product, your teams can access previously inaccessible data so your advanced analysts and data scientists can push your analysis further.


Balance access to content, data, and resources

Technology leaders must balance access to content, data, and resources. Unfortunately, new sources of data and the proliferation of personal productivity BI tools have made it incredibly difficult for them to manage their enterprise BI ecosystems.

With Pyramid, technology leaders can finally get a handle on their BI infrastructure. Pyramid brings all users together into a common analytics environment where content can be shared, managed, and secured. Robust administrative controls provide greater visibility into your organization’s product usage. In addition, managing existing users—and provisioning new ones—is simple and seamless.

Browser Access - Deploy anywhere

Deploy anywhere

Aside from constant day-to-day business challenges, the modern organization must accommodate evolving technology requirements and new data sources. It must also deal with internal challenges: provisioning remote workers in separate times zones, managing security and access to a seemingly infinite number of new business devices, and keeping up with browsers and operating systems that are constantly releasing updates. It’s almost a full-time job just to keep your organization’s BI infrastructure afloat in this constant churn.

Pyramid is an OS-agnostic, Java-based platform that can be deployed on-premise or in a private cloud. It features a scalable, repository-based design that can fit on any ANSI SQL-compliant platform. In addition, the Pyramid client interface reflects a modern intuitive design. It runs in any HTML5-compliant browser and includes full gesture support to run on any operating system on mobile devices and tablets.

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