Setup analytic content as a service across your BI deployment

Manage analytics-as-a-service

As administrators of your organization’s BI deployment, IT professionals and BI developers must balance both strategic and tactical needs. Emphasis often shifts to the latter—not by design but out of necessity. Instead of performing value-added strategic functions, IT pays unnecessary attention to repetitive, time-consuming tasks like building reports, administering security roles, installing software, and provisioning custom environments for new users. Habituated to routine tasks, a new normal sets in.

With Pyramid, manage analytics-as-a-service. Now IT professionals can elevate their role from the tactical to the strategic. The platform provides powerful analytic content management capabilities that data leaders need to implement a successful analytic strategy. It allows BI teams to stop acting as reactive report-writing factories and begin leveraging their subject-matter-expertise across the organization. At the same time, it empowers business users with best practices, guidance, curated content, and self-service tools.


Gain domain administration and customization

Too often BI vendors take a one-size-fits all approach to BI deployments. This often forces organizations to make one of two bad choices: choose BI software that meets enterprise-level requirements at the expense of agility and analytic functionality, or choose BI software that meets department-level requirements at the expense of centralized control.

With Pyramid, you don’t have to compromise. Not only does it provide administrators with the power to administer domain access to seamlessly bring disparate user groups together into a universal BI platform, it gives them the power to customize the experience of each group to match their exact needs.


Make analytic content reusable

In many cases, IT professionals are relegated to content micromanagers, endlessly creating and re-creating content, tracking down or validating data sources, identifying content authors, or curating analytic views and dashboards that are never used. Over time, this disorder forces IT teams to assume a perpetual reactive stance that keeps them from higher value tasks.

Pyramid is designed to make system-wide management easier for users and admins alike. It also makes the workflow more robust and logical. All elements of the analytic space are now “first-class citizens.” Models, discoveries, presentations, publications, illustrations, and logic formulations all coexist in the same centralized virtual file system and benefit from a consistent sharing, collaboration, and management framework. Content is no longer buried; it’s visible and extensible.


Manage analytic repositories

Why do scrupulous data professionals publish content into archaic document-based file repositories and then hope for the best? Without a centralized BI implementation, IT works harder to maintain control over organizational data assets. Unfortunately, the harder they work to maintain these centralized analytic repositories the less value they provide to the organization. 

Pyramid provides an unbeatable content framework. It simultaneously simplifies data management and provides better access to end users. While users access and manage the content they need, IT can provide vital oversight and gain complete telemetry, identifying who accesses content, tracking lineage, and restoring previous versions to keep the enterprise deployment in order.

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