Communicating insights throughout your organization

Create compelling analytic content

When it comes to communicating analytic insights throughout the organization, three values are key: accuracy, timing, and context. Traditional BI tools often fail to provide one, let alone all three! Too often data dashboards are built off inaccurate or untrustworthy data sources, they report old data, or lack true context. The resulting analysis isn’t relevant or actionable.

Pyramid was designed to honor accuracy, timing, and context—across the entire decision lifecycle. During ETL, modeling, and discovery, it prioritizes accuracy and data integrity. This instills confidence in the resulting analysis and visualizations. These in turn serve as the building blocks for compelling and timely presentations and narrative reports that can be distributed throughout the organization.

Prepare Narrative Reporting

Build narratives that tell the whole story

Typical BI platforms don’t allow users to tell the whole story. They often lack sophisticated functionality and make it difficult to publish insightful reporting beyond simple dashboards. In other instances, they are so rudimentary that the resulting content provides shallow context.

Pyramid is the only analytics solution that makes it easy to add a wide range of contextual elements that adapt to specific data configurations. Not only are the visualizations and grids data-driven, so is the text and commentary itself. This allows end users to create deep narrative context in their reports.

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