The new standard for self-service analytics

Difficult problems require sophisticated analytic toolsets

Traditional BI tools are good at giving users the ability to explore curated or simple structured data, but when things get complicated their ability to derive interesting insights is limited. Today’s data problems require sophisticated answers, but users don’t always have access to the right tools. Pyramid 2018 is the new standard for self-service analytics. It features a collaborative work environment that welcomes all users, but doesn't shirk analytic depth. 

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  • Analytic content resource card
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    Create compelling analytic content

    Pyramid honors content accuracy, timeliness, and context.

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  • Machine Learning in BI
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    Create machine learning models

    Apply machine learning techniques to your data with Pyramid.

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  • Business questions? Know the problem and the solution.
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    Provide business users with self-service tools

    Pyramid provides business users with a true framework for success.

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  • Advanced analytics and complex analysis
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    Address difficult analytic problems

    Understand complex data using sophisticated analytic tools.

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