Analytics Innovators: CRU

September 22, 2020

Learn how CRU uses Pyramid to gain an edge in a competitive commodities analytics environment

Like many companies, CRU is in the information business. What makes CRU different, however, is how they use data to drive decisions, both internally and externally, across the organization. Since its early days as a publishing business in the mining, metals, and fertilization space to its present incarnation as the world’s leader in commodity market analysis, CRU is passionate about driving better decisions with data.

But it wasn’t always the case. CRU’s sales teams used to lack 360-degree visibility into their customers’ pipeline, its finance teams relied heavily on manual reporting, and its team of analysts relied on individual tools and spreadsheets to analyze their respective markets. However, in the last decade, CRU more than doubled its business and has become an indispensable player in the commodities arena, setting global pricing and providing competitive insights for some of the world’s most recognized brands

Just what changed? How did CRU do it?

Join us for this short 30-minute webinar with CRU’s Director of Technology and Analytics Will Blake.

A webinar series for those in pursuit of excellence using analytics

You’ll learn how CRU uses analytics to:

  • Make decision-making proactive – Faster access to data makes the business more proactive than reactive
  • Improve sales processes – Untapped revenue opportunities are easier to identify
  • Increase reporting speed – Quarterly reports are now monthly
  • Increase data governance – Improved visibility builds trust in data sets for clients

Presented by:

Will Blake Director of Technology and Analytics at CRU

Richard Osbourn VP of Customer Success at Pyramid Analytics

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