Become your own Data Hero

You know what you’re looking for. But your raw data is messy and you need a tool to clean it up. You’re also done with repetitively copying and pasting in Excel (!!!). With Pyramid’s end-user data preparation and cleansing capabilities, you now have the power to act on your own and make the changes you want, when you want.

Business User “ETL” has arrived

Other BI solutions force you to wait until someone else has the time and resources to get you the fixed data. Others require advanced data prep skillsets, command-line scripting or complex add-on applications. With Pyramid, all you need is you.

In minutes, you’ll be able to fix, condition, and improve your data so it’s ready for deeper analysis. With one-click, drag and drop tools and the ability to deploy machine learning, your next “ETL” exercise is a click away. What’s more, with the Analytics OS, Pyramid’s self-service capabilities cover the entire workflow in one cohesive application: from raw data to data discovery to business logic to finished dashboards.

Go beyond the limitations of your current tools. Do it all - on your own - with Pyramid.

Take Full Control

The process of Extraction, Transformation and Loading (“ETL”) is often the realm of developers and DBA’s. Not anymore.

Pyramid includes a raft of features, functions and machine learning algorithms to make the process of cleaning and preparing your data for analysis an easy, intuitive yet sophisticated process. And like the rest of the Pyramid Analytics OS tool set, its delivered through a powerful, universal web client that remains fully governed, managed and secure.

Pyramid data modeling tools allow you to READ and DIRECTLY query  multiple data source technologies. But, importantly,  it also allows you to DEPLOY and WRITE your models onto various data technologies. This makes the approach ‘open’ and allows you to pick the best technology location for your data, without being glued into a singular, proprietary data stack.

Read from Multiple Data Sources Write to Different Data Stacks
One click data imports make it easy to mash-up data from multiple sources while advanced cleansing functionality gives you fine control of the process. Build models back into various data technologies including Pyramid’s built-in In-memory database, MS Tabular, Apache Big Data engines, and other SQL-enabled technologies like Teradata, etc.
Smart Algorithms Machine Learning at Your Fingertips
Use smart data cleansing tools for fixing your data: Time Intelligence Wizard, Geocoding, Encryption, etc. Start using data science in your data projects with access to numerous machine learning functions and libraries through point-and-click tools.
Scripting and Advanced Logic Sharing
Deploy scripts in R, Python, and SQL* to apply advanced logic during your data preparation. Everyone can get involved using easily shared scripts or by accessing pre-built scripts for advanced logic in Pyramid’s modeling marketplace. Data flows and modeling can be shared with others instantly and scheduled to run automatically.

* Other scripting engine options - like Java and Scala - for general data manipulation and machine learning are coming soon.

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