Aberdeen Strategy & Research: Decision Intelligence Brings Unparalleled Value

Aberdeen Strategy & Research, an analyst firm with expertise in Analytics and Data Management (and division of Spiceworks Ziff Davis), recently published a report on the many growing challenges organizations are facing in current market conditions. Aberdeen identifies a holistic approach to decision intelligence will be the preferred methodology for best-in-class organizations moving forward.

Technology is accelerating the decisions required to establish and maintain competitive advantage. In fact, half (49%) of Aberdeen’s Best-in-Class organizations are investing in, and reporting that artificial intelligence (AI) will be a mission-critical element of their business strategy—faster decision-making being cited as the leading benefit of AI (86% reporting).

From the report (based on Aberdeen’s research)

  • 37% of business leaders say that there is more data available than can be used for meaningful analysis
  • 35% say the competitive landscape necessitates becoming more data-driven
  • 32% say that critical business decisions require more sophisticated analytics support

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform

Our unified decision intelligence platform delivers insights for everyone to make faster, more informed decisions. It provides direct access to any data, enables governed self-service for any person, and serves any analytics need in a no-code environment. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform uniquely combines Data PrepBusiness Analytics, and Data Science in a single environment with AI guidance, reducing cost and complexity while accelerating growth and innovation. The Pyramid Platform enables a strategic, organization-wide approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics, from the simple to the sophisticated.