BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 22

Pyramid Analytics delivers extraordinary results in BARC’s BI and analytics survey report

In its 20th year, The BI & Analytics Survey 22 from BARC is the world’s largest and most comprehensive analytics and BI survey, with input from nearly 2,500 business intelligence end users. The BI & Analytics Survey 22 report helps organizations assess analytics and business intelligence vendors’ performance across 36 KPIs, with a detailed assessment of 30 leading BI and analytics solutions.

"Compared to other vendors in the survey, Pyramid customers are especially likely to be able to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.” -- BARC, The BI & Analytics Survey 22


The BI & Analytics Survey 22

BARC recognizes Pyramid Analytics as a leading technology vendor. According to BARC, “It has been another great year for Pyramid Analytics, scoring 40 top ranks and 87 leading positions across its six peer groups. Pyramid performed especially well in comparison to its rivals in the Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations peer group, where half of its top ranks came.” 

Survey Highlights

  • 100 percent of customers surveyed would recommend Pyramid Analytics.

  • 97 percent of users rate Pyramid’s functionality for creating dashboards as excellent or good, beating the average rating by 82 percent.

  • 91 percent of users rate Pyramid Analytics‘ vendor support as excellent or good. This is in sharp contrast with just 65 percent for the average BI tool.

  • 88 percent of users rate Pyramid Analytics‘ price to value as excellent or good; notably higher than the 71 percent for average tools.
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