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Enhance your skills with Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid's Decision Intelligence Platform dramatically accelerates time to insight, empowers teams with best-in-class self-service balanced with deep data governance, and maximizes TCO on data and analytics investments.

We want to make sure you maximize the return on your investment by driving adoption, engagement and data-driven decision-making for everyone in your organization. That's why we built the Pyramid Learning Hub, your one-stop for everything you need to develop your Pyramid skills with eLearning, expert-led courses, and other helpful resources.

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What is in the Pyramid Learning Hub?



Our self-paced eLearning content is designed in bite-sized chunks and organized thematically and by role, so users can quickly access the topics they are most interested in. Users can also progress through functional courses in chronological order for a comprehensive study of all features of a particular Pyramid module.

Expert Sessions

Expert Sessions

In addition to eLearning courses, we host a range of expert-led training sessions on an ongoing basis. These 1-hour sessions provide the opportunity to ask a Pyramid expert questions and address your own specific needs, or you can watch recordings on-demand.

Industry Resources

On top of our platform-specific content, you will also enjoy access to other Pyramid resources directly from the Learning Hub, including blog articles, analyst reports, topical white papers, tips & techniques videos, user guides, technical documentation, and more.

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Access to the Learning Hub is subscription-based. For more information on how to get started simply contact your Pyramid customer support team to learn how to register.

"The Pyramid Learning Hub gives all users from business through to BI developers a single place where they can find all learning resources to drive adoption, boost engagement and productivity using the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform. 
The eLearning content is simple to use. I like the way you can download the training content and practice.  Also, it's easy to register for instructor-led sessions and connect with Pyramid experts."

- Jan Steenkamp
Senior Department Manager of BI Projects, TFG

Take a Peek

What you’ll find inside the Learning Hub:

  • A comprehensive Learning Path guide to advise you on which courses to take based on role and area of expertise
  • Core modules like Model, Discover, Present, Publish, Formulate, and Illustrate
  • Specialist topics like Content Management and Administration
  • Bespoke use cases designed by user profile (i.e., role and industry)
  • Viewer-centric courses focusing on dashboard navigation, self-service, and more
  • Instructor-led virtual training events
  • Download the training content to your own Pyramid environment to further develop your Pyramid skills

Additional Resources