Directly Query SAP Hana with Pyramid

Directly Query SAP Hana with Pyramid

Thousands of organizations rely on SAP Hana to support their everyday data needs. Many struggle to access this data efficiently in their analytics solution and meaningfully integrate it with other data sources to gain a complete perspective. Now with Pyramid, they can.

Directly query Hana databases without ingesting the content to an alternative BI engine, or query Hana Calculated and Analytic views with the same speed and dexterity. Or mix and match: use Hana for direct querying; as a mash-up data source; or as a remote data source using Pyramid Pulse (for hybrid analytic scenarios).

Watch this six-minute video on how easy it is to use Hana with Pyramid.

Pyramid + SAP Hana: The benefits are clear

  • Gain unparalleled visibility into your business: Pyramid reveals hidden insights and presents SAP Hana data so all types of users can see it, understand it, and make better business decisions.
  • Curate data models in a governed and secured framework: Pyramid provides an intuitive, on-premise administrative framework for IT to make sanctioned content available for the right users to see and explore.
  • Integrate all of your SAP data with other sources: Pyramid provides a single analytics environment where users can integrate content from disparate sources (including SAP), apply universal interactions, and change context on the fly.
  • Share content and context across your SAP data: Pyramid provides a platform for users to share and re-use content and business logic. It also provides content recommendations and conversation threading to expose important insights and interactions.
  • Increase the return on your SAP investments: When paired with a modern platform tool like Pyramid, organizations are able to increase the value of their current SAP investments and make their data more powerful than ever before.
  • Create an integrated end-to-end analytics workflow: Pyramid delivers end-to-end analytics that widens end-user adoption without sacrificing IT governance or administrative control.

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