Pyramid: High performance, self-service BI on Exasol

Exasol is a scalable in-memory analytical database that can be deployed across multiple nodes. It’s ideally suited for large databases that need to be held in memory, making it the ideal technology for performing analytics at scale.

However, some Exasol customers find that analyzing their data can be difficult, and many common self-service BI applications compromise the performance and security gains they’ve made by choosing Exasol. Or the analytics capabilities are significantly watered down.

With Pyramid Analytics, organizations gain the perfect complement to Exasol’s best-in-class database capabilities: unrivaled analytics performance, real self-service BI, and flexible workflows.

Native direct queries = unrivaled analytic performance

Pyramid’s calculation engine works natively on Exasol via a direct connection, so no data is ever extracted or duplicated. This offers significant performance advantages: analytics queries are lightning fast, regardless of the data size. Better yet, Pyramid’s unrivaled analytic functional capabilities (business calculations, time intelligence, set/list formulations, etc.) are fully preserved.

Self-service analytics, without the risks

Business users get self-service analytics at its best: a UI built for everyone, without dumbing down the raw analytic capabilities or bypassing the security and governance features inherent in the Exasol offering.

Flexible workflows give Power to the analyst

Pyramid allows business analysts to easily load external data sets into Exasol where they can be combined with existing Exasol tables to fuel powerful machine learning models.

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