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BI Innovation & Tech Fest

The annual BI Innovation & Tech Fest focuses on inspiring and empowering those passionate about driving innovation in the business intelligence function from a people, process, and technical perspective. The event offers attendees a world-class experience with an unprecedented agenda, access to leading partners and vendors in the space, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Speaking Sessions

Solving the Last Mile of Analytics

Monday 18th September / 10:25 – 10:45
Speaker: Kelly Lu Murray – Solutions Engineering Manager

The analytics world has a wide range of tools and platforms that answer the descriptive, diagnostic, and more recently the predictive questions: “What happened?”, “Why did it happen?” and “What could happen?”

However, when it comes to prescriptive questions like “What should I do?” and “What if?” we are often left scratching our heads and spreadsheets.

Join me in this session as I take you through how Pyramid can take you further across the “Last Mile” of analytics, where we answer those prescriptive questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the last mile problem in analytics?
  • How to close the last mile gap in analytics in your organisation.
  • How to fully integrate business modeling and decision modeling into the analytics lifecycle.

Elevate Your Analytics Game – The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform

Tuesday 19th September
Speaker: Nkhensani Khoza – Product Enablement

Imagine a world of analytics where everyone can make intelligent decisions within a unified platform. Everyone can agree that today’s data-driven businesses need to make faster and more accurate decisions based on facts rather than perception, but are we really doing that? Take this ride on fully exploring analytics using an AI-driven, governed self-service platform designed for everyone. A world where you do not need to move or duplicate data while leveraging the existing environment. Come join me as we redefine the future of analytics; the time is now!

Key Takeaways:

  • The platform approach to Business Intelligence
  • Exploring AI-Driven Decision Intelligence for anyone