Pyramid Analytics Makes Debut in BARC’s 2016 Score Business Intelligence.

November 11, 2016

BI Office Recognized as a Market Challenger

BELLEVUE, Washington – November 11, 2016 – Pyramid Analytics, provider of the next-generation business analytics platform for the enterprise, today announced BI Office’s debut in BARC’s 2016 Score Business Intelligence (Enterprise BI Platforms) report. Pyramid Analytics was recently recognized for outstanding performance by its customers in The BARC BI Survey 16 and achieved No. 1 rankings in several key categories

This year marks BARC’s second annual publication of the Score, a comprehensive report that analyzes leading vendors in the business intelligence platform market.

“Given its functionality and breadth to support different usage scenarios in an enterprise in one integrated product and strengthening its market execution, Pyramid is well positioned for market expansion,” said Larissa Seidler, Senior Analyst at BARC.”

The BARC Score Business Intelligence (Enterprise BI Platforms) evaluates vendors along two dimensions: portfolio capabilities and market execution. Portfolio capabilities include product functionality, infrastructure, as well as portfolio integration and maturity. The market execution dimension focuses on product strategy, customer satisfaction, sales strategy, financials, geographical coverage, ecosystem, marketing strategy and organizational strength.

The BARC Score Business Intelligence (Enterprise BI Platforms) highlights several key differentiating strengths of BI Office:

  • Content Lifecycle Tracking and Sharing. By decoupling business logic and visualizations from the data model, BI Office allows users to share custom calculations and sets for reuse throughout the enterprise. If that logic must be altered, it will update every content asset it references– from dashboards to reports. Users can create logic once, store it on the server and reference it, instead of embedding it in documents isolated on a desktop or in a file share.
  • Dynamic Text That Enhances Data Storytelling. BI Office enhances storytelling through its dynamic text capabilities. Users can create data-driven text that changes based on rules they’ve created. This enables all business users to construct narratives that contextually interact with the data, turning it into information that leads to better decisions and smarter actions.
  • Complete Analytics Platform. BI Office offers self-service features to end users of different levels. This usability includes advanced analytic capabilities, such as forecasting, clustering and predictive modeling that are accessible to users of all technical skill levels. With BI Office, Pyramid Analytics aims to support agility without compromising governance and security.

“We are pleased the BARC Score recognized Pyramid Analytics with a high rating in the portfolio capabilities dimension, a rating that demonstrates how well a product meets customer needs,” said Omri Kohl, co-founder and CEO of Pyramid Analytics. “This rating further validates our strategy to deliver enterprise readiness and it’s great to see this recognition from BARC.”

For more information on the results of Pyramid Analytics in BARC’s Score Business Intelligent (Enterprise BI Platforms) report, please visit this dedicated page. For more information on the results of Pyramid Analytics in The BI Survey 16, please visit our website to access the survey summary or download the highlight report for Pyramid Analytics.

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics is a global leader offering a business analytics platform that enables individuals—from power users to knowledge workers to decision makers—to transform their organization into a data-driven business. As a complete web-based platform, combining self-serve analytics with centralized governance, BI Office demonstrates measurable utility, fosters genuine collaboration and simplifies complex analysis. BI Office delivers best-in-class analytic functionality for organizations—on-premise or in the cloud. Pyramid Analytics’ teams are based in operational centers across the globe. To learn more, visit www.pyramidanalytics.com, follow us on Twitter @PyramidAnalytic and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Published on: November 11, 2016

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