Private Cloud and Hybrid Deployments

Pyramid’s Analytics Operating System can be deployed in almost any destination framework, including the cloud. Coupled with its ultra-fast Pulse Server for remote-data access, Pyramid can comfortably support private cloud and hybrid deployments.

Private Cloud Deployments

Pyramid was designed to operate flawlessly as a cloud-based BI platform. Computational and data processing in Pyramid are entirely centralized on servers—bringing the core promise of cloud computing to analytics, while freeing end-users to innovate with data.

Pyramid’s universal client is a fully web-based, desktop-like, multi-tenant application that covers the entire spectrum of analytic demands—without the weight of a full desktop application.

The multi-tiered server is designed to scale up and out in tandem with the scalable cloud it’s installed on: from your local data center to Amazon, AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Oracle, or Alibaba.

Hybrid Deployments with Pulse

Pulse makes a hybrid deployment of data analytics a realistic option. It eliminates the familiar problem many have accessing on-premises and remote data stores using a cloud-based BI tool.

Pulse is easy to deploy and offers incredible performance and speed—without sacrificing centralized management and data governance.

Pulse Performance

Hybrid Deployments of Analytics with Pulse

Using Pyramid’s Pulse Server, you can design your data architecture according to your needs—not the requirements of your technology environment or network topology, nor the limitations of your analytics provider.

With Pulse, you can directly query and model remote data sets, regardless of location or domain, while remaining fully secured—no VPN required. Pulse offers a centralized management interface from inside Pyramid, along with all of Pyramid’s advanced governance features. It also delivers incredible performance compared to direct queries over a VPN.

Pulse is a free option that operates with the enterprise version of Pyramid. You can download it from the customer portal
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Pulse makes a Difference

  Other Solutions   Pulse
  Data shipping—copy your data to the cloud to hydrate your analytics.

Use direct querying over complicated network security software and appliances like VPNs.
  Direct querying using a lightweight protocol operating over standard internet ports, utilizing secured SSL communications without complexity of expensive tools. Data duplication can be eliminated or highly minimized.
 Performance   Direct querying over the wire produces very heavy, sluggish result sets, especially with ‘paged’ responses technologies.   Smart querying technologies and proprietary compression, return all results quicker, lighter and WITHOUT paging.
Management   Loose management, with no mechanism to control networking, data access and matching remote data controls found with on-site data.   Centralized management and governance tools that apply equally well to on-site and remote data. Includes full data security models and role-based access. 

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