The Analytics OS

Balance user productivity and governance

The Analytics OS is an adaptive analytic platform that provides different capabilities and experiences based on user needs and skills, all while managing content as a shared resource. It provides organizations with one analytics solution for everyone, across all user types and skill levels. With the Analytics OS, data leaders can create a universal analytics environment that finally solves today’s analytic needs and prepares the organization for tomorrow’s data and technology challenges.

Enterprise Trusted Analytics Platform 

Pyramid is the Analytics OS. It is an agnostic analytics platform that can be deployed in any environment and runs on any device. It features six distinct analytics modules (Model, Formulate, Discover, Illustrate, Present, and Publish)—plus an Administrative Console and Content Management System—to deliver a truly universal analytics experience.

The latest version of Pyramid is now available! Pyramid v2020 brings more people under the analytics tent than ever before. Now your users can do more than they ever thought possible.

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Prepare data, deploy machine learning, and build data models

Pyramid features a major new workflow: Business User ETL, which provides a visual point-and-click environment for fixing, conditioning, and improving simple and blended data sets.


  • End-user auto modeling and data prep
  • Inject machine learning algorithms into datasets before modeling
  • Machine learning marketplace to find and use existing data science algorithms
  • In-memory database engine
  • Model on our native in-memory engine, MS Tabular, many ANSI-SQL compliant databases or a variety of Apache Big Data Engines
Pyramid Analytics Modelling Feature
Pyramid Analytics Feature - Discover

Interact with models and make new discoveries

Pyramid gives IT professionals, BI power users, and data scientists the power to answer difficult analytic problems with a set of advanced yet easy to use tools.


  • Fast query processing for large data sets
  • Intuitive drag and drop capabilities
  • Attractive visualizations
  • Powerful, push-button statistical analysis tools
  • Wizard-guided advanced analytics

Define business logic, calculations, KPIs, and scripts

With Pyramid, users can formulate custom expressions, lists, KPIs, parameters, scripts, and custom columns using an intuitive drag and drop interface, and then share and manage these new building blocks for others to use in their own analyses.


  • Drag and drop creation of sets, calculations, and advanced parameters
  • Secure, share, and reuse business logic
  • Dynamic sets with branching logic
  • Out-of-the-box aggregates, operators, and functions
  • KPIs dynamically tied to data
Pyramid Analytics OS Feature - Formulate
Pyramid Analytics Feature - Illustrate

Create data-driven graphics, text, and infographics

Using the Illustrate module, users can create common visual BI building blocks to build libraries of data-driven illustrations, infographics, and dynamic text that can be shared and reused across presentations and publications.


  • Dynamic infographics 
  • Reusable, sharable content across presentations and publications
  • Data-driven dynamic text
  • Composite visualizations (layered SVG and raster images)
  • Custom visual workflows to illustrate processes

Design presentations and analytic applications with your discoveries

Pyramid gives users tremendous power to create presentations from distinct data sources and guide others through a rich and highly interactive data-driven environment.


  • Robust design control
  • Master page support
  • Fully interactive visuals
  • Option to design mobile-specific layouts
  • Interactions and shared slicing across multiple queries and data sources
Pyramid Analytics Feature - Present
Pyramid Analytics Feature - Publish

Build enterprise reports & craft compelling analytic narratives

The Publish module lets end-users design and craft engaging, dynamic multi-page / multi-query reports using the very same platform they use to prepare data models and conduct advanced analytics inquiries. Coupled with data driven scheduling and distribution, Publish is modern enterprise reporting.


  • Pixel-perfect report creation
  • Industry-leading design control
  • Master page support
  • High capacity report bursting with scheduling control
  • Dynamic reporting with secure access

Control every aspect of your Analytics OS deployment

With Pyramid, you can fine-tune your analytics environment to suit the needs of the organization and every user. Experience true “enterprise” BI to make your data more valuable than ever before.


  • Scale out and up
  • Data source management
  • Performance optimization
  • Simple user provisioning and management
  • Universal visual themes
Admin Tools
Pyramid is the Analytics OS

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