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The Analytics OS is an adaptive analytic platform that provides different capabilities and experiences based on user needs and skills, all while managing content as a shared resource. It is designed to support your organization’s entire decision workflow, and give everyone the tools to conduct self-service analytics. In addition, the Analytics OS solves the “last mile problem.” It closes the gap between your organization’s stated analytics strategy and actual analytics implementation. This allows data leaders to create a universal analytics environment that finally solves today’s analytic needs, and prepares the organization for tomorrow’s data and technology challenges.

Analytics OS Overview Diagram

Pyramid is the Analytics OS. It is an agnostic analytics platform that can be deployed in any environment and runs on any device. It features six distinct analytics modules (Model, Formulate, Discover, Illustrate, Present, and Publish)—plus an Administrative Console and Content Management System—to deliver a truly universal analytics experience.

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Pyramid is the Analytics OS

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