Analytics at the speed of business

Fusing Gen AI and Analytics to deliver insights within 30 seconds

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From Generative AI to Generative BI

Generative BI revolutionizes the way people interact with data. By combining the power of Gen AI and analytics, Gen BI makes analytics accessible to anyone and impactful when it actually matters.

True self-service

From creating dashboards to finding explanations for data anomalies, to forecasting, Gen BI does it for you. It figures out and performs all the necessary analytical steps to deliver any requested insight without user involvement. All they need to do is to click and talk.

Gen BI

Data discovery by conversation

Using text or speech users can make complex multi construct requests in any language, then interrogate the results with follow-up requests on top of the current analysis.

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Data discovery by conversation

For business users

  • Answers in under 30 seconds
  • Can describe their need in plain language, even by using vague or relative terms
  • Results that actually make sense for them and can be tweaked and further explored on the fly
  • High adoption rate
  • No learning curve
  • True self-service

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Creating a dashboard on the fly and a multi page report in 2 minutes

For product managers (Embedded)

  • Keep up with the Gen AI revolution
  • Give your clients a ChatGPT like experience
  • Lead with innovation

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A dialogue with an embedded dashboard

Generative BI

For data teams

  • Increase value delivered to the business
  • Deliver sophisticated analytics use cases super-fast, with full governance and security
  • Reduce support requests
  • Reduce backlog
  • Works on your existing data infrastructure
  • No need to ingest data
  • Lower TCO

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Analytics at the speed of business

In a reality of ever-growing analytics needs, Pyramid prevents the exponential growth in complexity. Possible isn't enough, it has to be easy for data teams and business users to keep up with the pace of the modern business.


of the data teams that tested
Pyramid use it today

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See Pyramid in action