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Consistently ranking as the number one facility among dozens in the world-class Siemens | DT MC Group isn’t easy. But the Siemens Congleton plant makes it look so, even while producing over a million variable-speed drives annually and responding to fluctuating business demands with the flexibility few smaller operations master.

A critical component of this success is an enterprise portal that allows every business user (via mobile or web) to access consistent, relevant data. Pyramid is the brains behind this “one-stop-shop” – supporting established workflows and providing a reliable view of operations from executive suites to the manufacturing floor. With Congleton’s significant number of daily transactions, the amount and velocity of data require a solution that helps teams make data-driven decisions at the speed of operations demand.


With advanced analytics, data-rich visualizations, and collaboration capabilities decision-makers (regardless of department or location) put their data to use immediately instead of waiting days for the information to reach them. As Senior Business Intelligence Developer, Steve Waters, explains, “Decision-makers are now able to analyze the precise areas that interest them, save views of that data and then share them with colleagues for comments and reactions, or to prompt further exploration and discovery of trends and exceptions.”


All business areas are seeing improvements including testing processes. Given production volumes, saving seconds in testing yields large time and cost reductions. Pyramid delivers this direct impact and since it’s a platform – not a desktop-bound tool – common business terms, calculations, and processes have been established. Now everyone is making faster, better decisions with trusted information.

Pyramid improves operational responsiveness by making it easy for every decision-maker to understand their entire business in new ways – using a single analytics platform. For a high-volume manufacturer like Siemens operating in quickly changing market conditions, that’s led to better collaboration, improved quality control, and more efficient production management. Colleagues interact with data and analysis on a new level – furthering discoveries, conversations, and business growth.

With Pyramid Analytics, Siemens can:

  • Make faster, better decisions through an enterprise portal, which is a one-stop-shop providing a reliable view of operations from the executive suite down to the manufacturing floor
  • Provide decision-makers with advanced analytics and data-rich visualizations to access data directly instead of waiting days for information to reach them
  • Access analytics on a platform through a browser—not on a desktop-bound BI tool—that uses common business terms, calculations, and processes, which means everyone is making decisions confidently with trusted information

The combination of Pyramid and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides decisionmakers with increased flexibility, autonomy, and responsiveness.

– STEVE WATERS, Senior Business Intelligence Developer at Siemens

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