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Pyramid Analytics is a recognized innovator in business analytics. With Pyramid, we’ve uniquely combined the best of self-service analytics and legacy BI systems. The result is a modern enterprise analytics platform that enables everyone in your company to make better, faster decisions based on the same trusted information.

Improve self-service analytics credibility with data quality.

Using self-service analytics to become data-driven

In the journey to become more data-driven in decision-making, we are seeing unprecedented democratization of data and adoption of self-service analytics. Rigid data collection and reporting processes of the past have given way to rapid gathering of raw, unstructured and crowd sourced data. As a result of that change, there are inevitable trade-offs with data quality.

Trusted Data

Establish a foundation for improved data quality

This white paper addresses data quality issues that enable your self-service visual analytics solutions to deliver the trusted data and insights your company needs.

Topics include:

  • Common data quality issues
  • Recommendations for improving data quality
  • Data quality solutions (including top 5 tips)

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