In-memory analytics vs disk-based OLAP analytics.

A hybrid option to satisfy IT and the business user

This report shows the pros and cons of an in-memory analytics solution versus a multidimensional, disk-based, OLAP analytics solution, and the benefits of combining them in your environment. This hybrid option offers the flexibility and benefits of cross-model interaction to satisfy both IT and the business user.

The report also highlights where we believe Pyramid Analytics has a competitive advantage. With Pyramid Analytics, you can blend industry-standard, advanced multidimensional analysis with in-memory models to meet the needs of the whole organization in a single, governed platform.

In-Memory vs. Disk-Based OLAP Analytics

See why Pyramid Analytics has the competitive advantage

The benefits of blending industry-standard, advanced multidimensional analysis with in-memory models include:

  • The flexibility and innovation of business user–driven data discovery with the power, efficiency, and manageability of the enterprise.
  • In-memory functionality that gives IT an easy-to-architect-and-deploy solution with a light footprint.
  • Ability for users to easily perform analysis, create, and share data models that are in parallel with enterprise-provided models, through a centrally managed, governed, and secure web-based platform.
  • Capability to build on any relational data that you already have in SQL Server.

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