BARC Score Business Intelligence 2016 Report.

Impressive Debut for Pyramid Analytics

The second annual publication of the BARC Score Business Intelligence –Enterprise BI Platforms analyzes leading vendors in the business intelligence platform market. This edition of the report marks Pyramid Analytics’ strong debut on the Score graph tied to product capabilities and strengthening market execution.

The BARC Score Business Intelligence 2016 evaluates vendors along two dimensions: portfolio capabilities and market execution. Portfolio capabilities include product functionality, infrastructure, and portfolio integration and maturity. The market execution dimension focuses on product, sales, and marketing strategy; customer satisfaction; financial and organizational strength; geographical coverage; and ecosystem.

Top Rating Among Vendors

Read why BI Office was top-ranked amongst peers

To be evaluated in this Score, a vendor must demonstrate a strong focus on providing broad BI functionality to enterprises and supply four out of six technologies from its functional portfolio including formatted and ad hoc reporting, dashboarding, analysis, data mining, and self-service BI and data discovery.

Read the report to see why BARC rated Pyramid Analytics above Tableau, Qlik, Sisense, and 14 other companies on the portfolio dimension.

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