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  • Sep 15 2016
    • News

    Power BI Desktop Publish to Pyramid Server Button.

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  • Sep 07 2016
    • News

    7 steps to become a data-driven business.

    Peter Sprague shares insights for empowering users with data. Read More

  • Aug 31 2016
    • News

    Pyramid Analytics: Your company’s smarter when everyone’s smarter.

    How Pyramid Analytics is helping enterprises become more data driven. Read More

  • Jul 09 2016
    • News

    Why it’s important to unlock business insights trapped on individual desktops .

    It’s about setting and confidently sharing the whole picture-not just disconnected fragments. Read More

  • Jul 06 2016
    • News

    Using BI Office together with Microsoft Power BI Desktop to unlock business insights .

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  • Jun 01 2016
    • Press Release

    Pyramid Analytics ranked overall leader in Customer Experience, Vendor Credibility in Dresner flagship BI report.

    Company recognized for improvements across all categories, perfect recommend score in 2016 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study. Read More

  • May 25 2016
    • Press Release

    Pyramid Analytics announces seamless workflow integration between BI Office and Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

    New “Publish to Pyramid Server” functionality enables powerful on-premise data discovery and sharing capabilities for organizations looking to become data-driven. Read More

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