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  • Oct 31 2017
    • Press Release

    Pyramid Analytics introduces Pyramid 2018: the Analytics OS.

    Create a universal analytics enviroment with better self-service analytics Read More

  • Aug 01 2017
    • News

    Key considerations when building a data lake.

    Sprint Future of Work article featuring quotes from Pyramid Analtyics' CTO Avi Perez Read More

  • Jun 19 2017
    • Press Release

    Pyramid Analytics Named SIIA Business Technology CODiE Award Finalist for Best Business Intelligence Tools & Platform.

    Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office earns prestigious industry recognition Read More

  • Jun 08 2017
    • News

    3 keys to keep your data lake from becoming a data swamp.

    Features quotes from CIO interview with Pyramid Analyitcs' Co-Founder Avi Perez Read More

  • May 31 2017
    • News

    Will AI and machine learning replace the data scientist?.

    Article by Co-Founder Avi Perez on Information Management Read More

  • May 31 2017
    • Press Release

    Pyramid Analytics ranks as Overall Leader in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility in 2017 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study.

    The business intelligence company earns perfect score, demonstrating improvements across all categories Read More

  • May 02 2017
    • Press Release

    Pyramid Analytics Ranks 2nd in Dresner’s 2017 Collective Insights® Market Study.

    Global Analysis of 18 Collaborative Business Intelligence Vendors – Pyramid Recognized for 2nd Consecutive Year. Read More

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