Easy Migration from ProClarity

Pyramid Analytics' BI Office is a true self-service enterprise BI platform that also has been designed as an easy replacement for the aging and now deprecated ProClarity Analytics Desktop/Web Professional analytics tool. Providing improved functionality together with a backwards compatible content management system, current ProClarity customers will experience an almost seamless upgrade path into the Pyramid Analytics' BI Office Platform.

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Interface Compatibility

ProClarity users will feel immediately at home in the new BI Office Suite, which reflects many common behaviors and interfaces to ProClarity. ProClarity users are typically able to navigate the new interface within 15 minutes and can even elect to layout the Data Discovery workspace to roughly match the old ProClarity layout.

Interface Compatibility

Content Compatibility

Briefing book content in PAS libraries and “My Views” can be natively read and rendered by Data Discovery, without explicitly converting content, in real-time. “BBK” books can be opened with a stand-alone import tool that will allow users to import their content into Pyramid’s content architecture. Original PAS layout choices are translated with Data Discovery keeping most grid and chart type settings as well as cube settings – this includes slicer, column and row selections. Content access includes applying user and role security as defined in the PAS database (as long as the security was designed around Microsoft Active Directory) Manipulated PAS content can be saved into the BI Office platform like normal, with native Data Discovery content for ongoing publishing, sharing etc.

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