Anytime, Anywhere Intelligence

Business does not stop when you leave your computer, so why should you. With Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office your data is available to you wherever you are. BI Office will run flawlessly on all your mobile devices with native apps for iOS, Android, WinRT and Windows 8.1. With its responsive design, touch-screen interface, and full content management system, your BI will become an extension of you.

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Mobile Built-in

Mobility is part of the Pyramid Analytics' strategy and built into the BI Office architecture, not an add-on to the core product. From native mobile apps to the multi-tier server-based application architecture, mobile flexibility is there when needed, without additional hardware, software or infrastructure. With an easy, interactive interface users can directly access enterprise information on the go.

True Mobile Business Intelligence

View, Analyze, and Act

Point, click, tap and swipe – BI Office Suite offers browser based desktop robustness, native mobile apps, and industry standard HTML5-based technology securely delivering engaging, consistent, touch-optimized and rich analytic experience. BI Office elegantly supplements Microsoft BI and delivers a critical tool that everyone in your organization today needs to survive.


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