BI Server Architecture

Install the BI Office Suite on-premise, but enjoy all the benefits of a cloud solution environment. Elastic Cloud server hosting provides efficient and effective delivery of massively parallel, high-scale, secure performance while maintaining real-time query performance rendering your BI Office available anywhere, anytime.

solid infrastructure for Cloud BI

Design Once, Deploy Anywhere

With smooth integration and powerful capabilities, you can share information, definitions, reports, and templates across your organization via desktop, mobile, and tablets (HTML5 supported). Your BI solution goes where you go with the Pyramid Analytics’ Cloud environment. The remote server management & data access supports collaboration between offices and across the globe.

Insights through the Cloud Business Intelligence

Web-Based Central Administration

Flexible and modular, BI Office is designed to scale up and out, and does not require per-server licensing, allowing the platform to adapt to your changing organizational needs. Control all access, permissions, and feature availability via one central web-based admin console with built-in security based on your Exchange definitions and hierarchy.

Cloud BI capabilities

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