Web-Based Central Administration

Flexible and modular, BI Office is designed to scale up and out, and does not require per-server licensing, allowing the platform to adapt to your changing organizational needs. Pyramid Analytics facilitates enterprises to govern their BI platform from a built-in, robust admin console that controls all access, permissions, and feature availability from a singular interface.

Application/Publisher & Web Server

The Pyramid Analytics engine handles all queries (including print and export jobs) and metadata, automatically handling load balancing via BI Office. The Web Server authenticates users and serves out client sessions, supporting both Silverlight (authoring) and HTML5 (consumption / mobility) as well as routing all client queries and metadata requests. Both services can be scaled out to multiple servers.

True Mobile Business Intelligence

An API to Auto-Effect Your Analytics

The Pyramid Analytics API can affect analytic content, workflows, and events programmatically – once you set underlying analytic queries with customized logic. The API will read the analytic results to populate downstream processes. For example, you can program a query ‘most successful products’, and that data will activate your website to run a Top Products feature on your site populated by that query list.


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