Government Solutions

Pyramid Analytics and our partner community enable solutions for federal government that include:

  • Budgeting and Finance

    Track spending, measure and optimize performance

  • Fraud Analysis

    Identify, monitor and act on suspicious behavior and fraud

  • Human Resources

    Manage staffing and succession planning successfully and efficiently

  • Threat Detection

    Identify and act against potential bio-terror, outbreaks or other threats

  • Category Management

    Gain greater insights across PSC, NAICS, and Government-wide and Agency-specific categories

  • Open Data

    Assess and enhance data transparency and accessibility


Bridge the Gap

We bridge the gap between desktop tools and legacy BI systems. There is no compromise between centralized manageability and end-user agility. Pyramid Analytics BI Office is browser-based software that makes departmental deployments, whether 10s or 10,000s, incredibly simple. Each aspect of your analytics workflow is securely governed so data is kept secure. And with an architecture built to empower self-service analyses, users can quickly share insights and maximize transparency.

Business Intelligence


Deploy in days, not weeks

Governments can get going day one with Pyramid Analytics. Our customers have built their very first dashboards within hours of implementing the product and agencies can empower 100s of users in days. There’s no client-side software to slow down upgrades and rollouts.

In fact, Pyramid Analytics has one of the world’s largest BI implementations at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA provisioned for over 150,000 users and within less than 6 months they had over 30,000 daily and weekly users. Those users - nurses, doctors, administrators - have created over 75,000 reports and 1,500 dashboards.

Watch our on-demand webinar about the Department of Veterans Affairs' deployment.

power of BI


Governed, Secured access

Not only do users interact with governed data, but your data models and business logic are also centralized and managed. Government workers can work together on all kinds of analyses which builds confidence that everyone will agree on the numbers.

BI Office content security is role based; no user can access unauthorized content or features. When saving content, choose the appropriate security profile to apply. Users interact with one central repository with no data duplication – so sharing of data and analysis avoids the pitfalls of emailed files, siloed file shares or spreadsheet proliferation.

Business Intelligence


Meet data access and security mandates

Often times federal agencies have mandates to stay on-premise or in private clouds. With Pyramid Analytics, you can deploy the software on-premise or through any FedRamp approved Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud provider platform. We give you ultimate flexibility.

power of BI

Data-driven, Government approved!

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Several contracting vehicles include:
  • SEWP approved through Minburn technologies
  • GSA through Aeon Nexus
  • Other GWAC contracts available too

Government Agencies Relying on Pyramid Analytics

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Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
Department of Transportation
United States Air Force

Some of our key Federal Partners

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