Report publishing for analytics

End-user-driven Modern Enterprise Reporting

Pyramid’s Analytics Operating System includes a modern, end-user module for designing analytic publications and enterprise reporting. ‘Publish’ is a set of tools for generating multi-page, multi-query, highly curated analytic narratives that leverage existing content created in the platform.

Designed as a WYSIWYG solution that runs in your browser, Publish creates pixel perfect output in multiple formats and can include data visualizations, static text, query driven text and infographics as well as all the usual high-end formatting options people expect with enterprise reporting content.

Report Analytics - Design

Intuitive browser-based designer tool for end-users

  • Use existing data visualizations and content
  • Drag-and-drop layout
  • Templating & tight branding with master pages
  • Comprehensive formatting capabilities
Design layout and add content
Duration: 2 minutes

Report Analytics  - Content
Dynamic Content

Filter-driven publications & report generation

  • One template to create multiple variations
  • Point-and-click wire-up of dynamic content
  • Inject data-driven text and infographics
  • Data-driven page repetition
Content wire-up and dynamic text
Duration: 2 minutes

Report Analytics - Publish

Automated scheduling & distribution

  • Pixel-perfect layout and rendering
  • Print to PDF, Word, PowerPoint
  • Export to Excel, JSON, HTML or XML
  • Triggered schedules & data-driven distribution
Report scheduling and distribution
Duration: 2 minutes

PDF document Click here to see a sample rendered report

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